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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Newton Fell to Cartmel Fell Damply - Wainwright Outlier Bagging

manfully and dogfully up saskells


At some point in the year, I realised that I only had about eighteen fells in Alf (come sit on me knee, pet) Wainwright’s guide to the Outlying Fells of Lakeland and I decided to do something very passive about it – this being the handing over of walk design and leadership to the bro…

And so, me and  the dawg the bro and his walking pal Ria  parked on a very old and unused bit of the old main road between Kendal and Barrow and lurched off in a heavy rainshower up the brackeny slopes of Newton fell (North) aka Saskells. 

newton fell 003

The forecast was for occasional  rain showers and, luckily, we only had two during the whole day. The first one lasted three hours and the second for an hour and a half. During the dry half an hour, nothing dried out.

top of staveley fell

Anyway, the first top, Newton Fell (North) which probably has a really nice view and certainly has some kind of electronic thingy on the top fell fairly easily and we retraced over a subsidiary top and then into the woods for Staveley Fell. his, we made more difficult by using a vague track through forestry from the forestry road. The summit is rough and heathery and has a grand view of the Southern end of Windermere.

newton fell 005

More damp wanderings followed and, eventually, we arrived on Cartmel Fell which also probably has a nice view and certainly has a big, square cairn or “monument” on the top from which vantage the Very Fine View can probably be inspected whilst lolling in the sunshine scoffing a cheese and tomato butty. Today’s conditions were unsuitable for such luxury, however , as the bread would have got all soggy and the loller would have lolled himself into hypothermia. So we left.

through the woods damply

Our return journey was through more nice woodland and through new nature reserves on Simpson Ground Allotment and, ultimately, back to the start.

The return journey over the A66 in a blizzard was interesting.

We did nine and a bit miles and 1700 feet of up.  Here’s a map for the interested.

newton fell



Mark said...

Did you see any other walkers? Always seems pretty quiet up there - even when its not raining.

Dawn said...

Looks rather dreich Mike, brrrhhhh.

Alan R said...

I bet the ginger glasses would have been ideal today.

Mike Knipe said...

We saw two other walkers, Mark - I suspect they were walking the route shown in Alf's guidebook. They were as wet as us...
Clammy, Dawn.... I have no dry boots at all now.

chrissiedixie said...

The photos all look a mite soggy Mike...

Al said...

A secluded area to be sure I did much the same route many years ago. Then on a more recent visit we did a route I shall name "Staveley Fell Directissima" in summer through the head high heather and even higher bracken....this resulted in near mutiny by the other (female) member of the party. I'm not allowed to mention Staveley Fell, Simpson Ground etc anymore...incase a nightmare is triggered!

Shame it was wet for you Mike

Mike Knipe said...

Very soggy, Chrissie - the dog semed to enjoy it, though.
Ah yes, Al, The Stavely fell Diretissima. An awkward thrutch through vicious vegetation. We went for Tranter's Traverse. More delicate and you get your hair combed (in the trees)