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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Superdawg Assists with Walk Reccy

dcc baybridge reccy 001

In around a week, I have another Durham County Council guided walk and, as regular readers, and a few who are still a bit constipated will remember, that I have to walk the route to see if there are any Elf and Safety Issues.

not a bluebell (?bugle)

As its been blowing a hoolie for a week or two now, and the next walk goes through woodland, there’s always a chance of a fallen tree, so, following Instructions, this afternoon, me and superdawg went and had a look.

This is a very familiar route, being part of my adopt-a-path thingy and also having had an initial reccy back in January.

dcc baybridge reccy 009

We start at Baybridge, march manfully and bounce dogfully through Deborah Wood (thats a forest, not an old school pal), up over the moor and back through some more woodland – a bit under five miles.

The point of the walk is the bluebells and the shiny things.


I was worried about the bluebells because a few weeks ago there weren’t any – but now, there’s loads – AND – there’s both British ones which are floppy and Spanish ones that are (koff) erect. Prolly something to do with the iodine in all that seafood.

Anyway, we had a look for shiny things – mainly by poking around in spoil heaps and we found a few bits of calcite, some flourspar and a few bits of coal.

not so blue bells

We also found a dead sheep and Bruno poked his head in a hole and caused a wabbit to squeak. This puzzled him for a while but put him into hunting mode for the rest of the walk.

permping station

The walk’s a goodun. Its on Friday 3rd June and leaves Baybridge pickernick place at 1:30 pm.

There’s no fallen trees and the only safety issues are the roads.

Incidentally, I met five people in Deborah Wood. I’ve never seen anybody in there before. Smashing.

dvcrs walk 4


Admin Fairy said...

Looks like Bruno had a crackin time and ickle big sister told me how happy he was to have you you could take him for walks and chase sticks and rabbits and the like!

Mike Knipe said...

He was quitye chuffed, Becky. He was a bit mental today. Cabin fever!