Friday, 6 May 2011

Dales Outdoor Weekend

tent display

Just popped up to the showfield at Stanhope for a nosey at the setting-up for the Dales Outdoor Weekend.

There’s a load of tents and bivis (?bivvies) on display already, and there’s seventy tents for people attending the “do”, plus a few camper vans and stuff like that there.

more tents

Its going to be a thundery night, tonight, and probably a thundery day tomorrow, so I’m back at Knipetowers with a small supply of Deuchars IPA and Black Sheep.

I’ll be back to Stanhope in the morning with a tent and some beer money. I’ll also be reccying a proposed winter DCC walk at some point and checking out a locked gate for Mick.

some tents...

I may let the Black sheep out later as it’s ruining the carpet….

DOW looks as if its going to be grand..


TrevorW🚴 said...

I hope that you will be posting a full report with pictures tomorrow..

I am unable to attend this year as it clashed with a cyclosportive I had already entered.

Enjoy your weekend.


markswalkingblog said...

I would like to have come along,but I am looking after my wife after her operation.