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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Gearfest for TGO

santa brings bags of gear

It would seem that there’s some kind of gear buying virus going around. It was probably something in the water at the Old Dungeon Gill. Mr Sloman and Miss Peewiglet may well have succumbed. Lord Elpus was seen with a new mattress.

Based on the liquidation of a really old Building Society account that was receiving a risible interest rate, I bought some boots. Various advice was given in the comments of a previous post. I did take notice, but in the end, the boots mentioned were mainly not available in Durham city, or much more expensive than I wanted to pay. And I was in a rush – so no time for much shopping around….

So I got some Mammut Impact thingies. they’ve got temporary goretex linings. They only have to stay Very Waterproof for two weeks. I’m expecting just a bit longer….

Here they are

I got them for £85 with my 15% backpackers Club discount. If I’d used all my possible discounts, they would have owed me twenty quid….

I also bought Map 42 and two gas canisters.

And a Manx Kipper.

I was going to walk on Cross Fell tomorrow but backpackinlight has promised a delivery of the other gear I’ve been acquiring. These are:

A RAB bivi bag to keep me just a bit warmer and to defend my down bag against morning Akto drips.

A Primus windshield. (Everybody and his dog has a primus windshield) – and feet.

A primus kettle thing with a lid for the boiling of water.

A neo air mattress like wot Lord Elpus got. This will be lighter and bouncier than my thermarest

And in the last few days, I got these:

My TGO Challenge RAB polartech fleece, which is the same colour as Alan’s famous green jacket. Luminescent.

MY TGO buff.

Its ridiculous – I don’t do gear….



Greg said...

I wear Innov8 s when its warmer , but this time of year I wear goretex lined boots. They seem
great for the Lakes. Maybe in Scotland , wading streams etc, getting the insides wet would be more of an issue. Watch out for bivvy on top of sleeping bag. ( see my winter backpack on blog) I found condensation did not escape and bag got wet. It was very cold though.

The Odyssee said...

Mike, i hope that father christmas's sack is made of Silnylon because it sounds like you are going to need it.
That was some shopping list, but no food? --Alan

mike knipe said...

Was that a RAB bag Greg - supposed to be breathable.
I have many pairs of boots - some of which will be OK if we ever get a hot day.
No food Alan - I already have a large supply of stuff from outdoorsgrub, although I may top up the Real Turmat supply by a factor of one meal.
Other shopping wil be done next Tuesday. No point in buying the whisky now as it will evaporate before next week.....

Greg said...

Yes, I think its the RAB survival zone. As I say it was a very cold night.

Pennine Ranger said...

Have you got room for all this extra gear?! have a good un

Mike Knipe said...

Spookily enough, Dave, it takes up less room.
When I'm a Leg End, though, I'll probably still speak to many curremt friemds and acquaintances. No pressure about the tenth, though.....