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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Lets Off-Road.. or Maybe Not, eh?


lets off-road

For some reason best known to himself, I got an email today from Bill gallon (see the list of other people’s websites for Bill’s website)

This email had attached to it a newsletter from the Yorkshire Dales Green Lane Alliance. (YDGLA)

Now the YDGLA are getting their rambling breeches in a bit of a tangle about a certain – shall we say “route?” (Yes! let’s say “route”)


Which goes from Middlesmoor in Nidderdale to Arkleside in Coverdale. It transpires that this particular root…. sorry, route, is being used by 4x4s and motorbikes as a bit of harmless fun to get themselves over this peaty pass. Unfortunately, in doing so, they are really buggerring up the track and, generally, causing a bit of a nuisance. They don’t see it like this, obviously. they see themselves as simple “motorists”, apparently – according to their representative organisation – and motorists simply discharging their right to pass from one place to another on an unsealed road. The fact is that what they enjoy the most is overcoming difficulties, such as getting stuck in mud, being winched out of things and going up steep places in their cars. This inevitably causes a mess and a lot of noise and interferes with legitimate users of these routes such as farmers, shepherds and land managers – most of whom can actually drive and generally don’t do any damage.

green lane

Anyway, YDGLA are having a campaign to stop this method of using this particular route. Further and better particulars are to be found in their website at

For balance, the off-roaders’ organisation’s website is at

Here’s a clip of some off-roaders enjoying their sport

..Might have a walk over this road, just to have a look.

Thanks for the info Bill, by the way.



Alan Sloman said...

How about some intelligent comment about these lads and lasses that enjoy churning up the countryside?

"Lara": Big Girl's Blouses.
"Lara": Knobs.

Keep taking their pictures and send them to the police.
Be seen by the knobs taking their pictures.

mike knipe said...

Thanks for that Alan.

They're swimming against the tide, though.

Like Canute, or Knut. yes, they're a set of Cnuts, in fact.

How's that for an intelligent comment?

Wren said...

Nice blog.

Greetings from Canada.

mike knipe said...

Greetings, Wren - we all love Canada (Its like Scotland, but with more bagpipes)