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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Bruno’s Hobbies

Bruno’s going to need his hobbies over the next few days to pass the time whilst I’m away on a little sojourn at Mounthooley in the Cheviots. The weather forecast is, unfortunately, for dry and mild weather, which probably means a blizzard – but worra place to get stuck. I will be taking a small supply of loopy-juice to cheer meself up if anybody gets lairy. (A full translation of this phrase will be provided to my Colonial readers in the Fife Arms in Braemar if sufficient “motivation” is provided.

Anyway – enjoy the pics below. These are Bruno’s many hobbies and pastimes.






listening for injuns

sucking jumpers

go to the fridge go to the fridge


Laura said...

What no stamp collecting?

BTW my blogspot address is

crafty cat corner said...

Have just found your blog, how refreshing to find some one who says it like it is.
Love Bruno, what a beautiful faithful dog.

Louise said...

I'm surprised he has the time for the rest of his activities with all that energy expended on cuteness! Bless.

mike knipe said...

Laura - by the time you read this I'll have ediited the link to your blogspot. It were all them LLLs.
Thanks Crafty cat - I won't mention the user name to the dog, though as he goes a bit mental if you mention cats (or wabbits, actually...)
Cute Louise? - Only the front end is cute.... nuff said.....

IckleBigSis said...

Awwwww... you're abandoning poor lickle Bruni, how could you!?

Good job mum supplies him with plenty of jumpers for him to be pacified.

mike knipe said...

Shhhhh, he's standing by the drawer with the lead in it....

mike knipe said...

A person of few words 5225.....