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Friday, 26 February 2010

Jeremiah Dixon – A Celebration


Really really ardent readers of this blog will, no doubt be able to easily bring to mind my series of celebratory flapjack cakes – There was the Arsenal cake, The ode to TV chef Fanny Craddock and so on.

And so, I determined that it was about time for another cake. this time, I chose the very famous surveyor Jeremiah Dixon – rightly famed for his part in determining the Mason- Dixon line and thus preventing an early war between the Northern States and some other ones who weren’t quite ready for it.

Jeremiah Dixon was, of course, born in the lovely County Durham village of Cockfield. And so, I thought, that the word “Cockfield” should be inscribed in the chocolate covering of the memorial cake.

Infortunately (possibly), we had no cooking chocolate. I could never get the complete word on anyway.

In the words of the German WW2 pilot who had just been spotted over Whitby by the RAF in September 1939 - “Bugger”. (Some meaning may have been lost in translation)

The Cockfield cake will have to wait for more supplies of catering chocolate. Unfortunately, I’ve eaten some of it.

It was nice. It was Tia Maria flavoured.


BG! said...

How far down the list is the Scunthorpe Cake, Mike?

mike knipe said...

I've absolutely no idea what you mean BG.