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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Yr Aran and the Third Foot and Mouth 15 October

Finally, our three-day interval next walk took place two days later.
I’d originally intended to climb Yr Aran, just next to Snowdon and then another Hewitt near Cwm Pennant, leaving just the one remaining Hewitt in Snowdonia to be bagged – Mynydd Mawr – a solitary hill with a boozah at the bottom – highly suitable for a last Hewitt if I ever bag all the others (Only 68 to go, so it looks hopeful at least)
In the end, I was knackered after just the one, and, I thought, so was the dog. So we went for a paddle in the sea instead.
But , turning our attention to Yr Aran for a while, we climbed this by using Snowdon’s Watkin path, turning off and climbing the Southe ridge of Yr Aran and retuning via Bwlch Cwm Llan.
It was foggy and drizzly and the rocks were slippery. I managed a few pirouettes and a graceful slide or two and resorted to gluteae for friction. I had the hill to myself, although I was aware that a couple from Rhayader were bagging the hill at the same time. But I didn’t see them.
What I did see, however,, was a location from “Carry on Up the Khyber” (She is enamoured of the khasi). I believe this is the location of the khasi pass – defended by the devils in skirts themselves. (The plot , of course, is based on the fact that the entire regiment is secretly wearing underpants under their kilts, although why a lack of trollies should scare the local taliban in a bit of a mystery. Bernard Breslaw’s performance of Bungdit In was a comedic classic and almost as enjoyable as Cnicht’s south ridge and the dinner during the siege was almost equivalent to the Nantlle ridge’s spiky bits.
I thought it was good anyway….6 Miles and just 2300 feet of upness.


Ramblingpete said...

I enjoyed reading that Mike - it's brought back happy memories of a few sorties. But how come you turn up at the Nantlle Ridge and it's clear as a bell, when all we ever get is mist?

Did you get to see the old workings at Cwm Pennant?

mike knipe said...

You have to go in October, Pete. We've been in Wales for three Octobers on the trot and we've had better weather than the "summer" each time.
I did see the Cwm Pennant workings - or , at least some of them and used one of the tramways for progress. It deserves a full day's exploration, though, which I didn't have time for.

Diane said...

You're right! That is SO the Kyber Pass. What a cracking film! I don't know about Wales in October (yet) but definitely good advice from all the people who said go to the Lakes in September. Perfect combinations of weather and no children. marvellous!

mike knipe said...

I think I've seen Up the Khyber a dozen or so times - sheer classic. Its right up there...if you'll pardon the

The Lakes in October could be really good too, Diane - all those autumn colours....