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Sunday, 25 October 2009

Pennine Plans

073 penyghent fr fountains fell side day 7Penyghent from Fountains Fell

I’m a bit of a Pennine person – dull, foggy, covered in tussocks….  and I was thinking about a theme for the blog (people may have noticed certain themes or projects at times, such as TGO training and planning and Hadrian’s Wall, for instance).

So my new project or theme will be to revisit (for I have visited them all before) all of the 2000 foot tops in the Pennines, starting where I originally started many years ago – with the Yorkshire Dales.

There’s another Pennine project I have in mind, too, but I will say no more (not that I’ve said much so far…) till other things come to fruition. Hopefully, people will find whatever it is interesting, though.

In the meantime, there’s the Yorkshire Dales 2000 foot tops. The Yorkshire Dales, I’ve decided are the valleys that lie between the A65 in the South and the A66 in the North and I’m starting tommorrow.

I was thinking of publicising which hills I plan to do and when, so that if anybody wants to join, they can do.  Probably a bit short notice for tommorrow, though.

Here’s the November hills.

Sunday 1 November Birks Fell starting at Buckden

Sunday 8 November Buckden Pike starting at Buckden – will include the subsidiary Tor Mere Top

Sunday 15 November The Calf and other Howgills lumps, starting at Cautley

Sunday 29 November Fountains Fell and Darnbrook Fell starting at Arncliffe

Tommorrow, I’ll be doing a very similar walk to one which appeared in October’s TGO – Wild Boar Fell, Swarth Fell (and Pike) and Baugh Fell’s two tops – starting at Rawthey Bridge just up the road from Cautley a little way.

mm2 buckden pike fr trig 434

Buckden Pike from the Birks Fell ridge


GeoffC said...

The North Pennines are great, spacious views (sometimes!) and hardly any people.
Yockenthwaite Moor should really be done in thick clag and rain for the full experience - we pitched at the summit once.

mike knipe said...

Ah, yes - Middle Tongue (as we used to call it) in the fog and mirk. What fun! I went across Baugh Fell today - the big plateau up there should also be done in a forty mile an hour clag. Sloppy places....

Martin Rye said...

My my what a big nose I see. That dog is a star now. Anyway it sounds a great plan and one worth doing. I shall call again and see how its going.

mike knipe said...

Well, its all fairly close to home, Martin, so I don't have to spend too much on petrol.
Doggy pic was taken on this summer's hot day.
I think it was a Tuesday....