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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Marine Bill – A little Worriff


When I was a sprog, my family nickname was “Worriff” – due to my constant asking of questions which started with “worriff…” – For example – Worriff the sky fell in? Worriff it rained forever (we lived in a wet area), Worriff father Christmas got stuck in the chimney/drunk on all the whisky that had been left for him/got all the presents mixed up and had to go back and put it all right before everybody woke up? (difficult as me and the bro used to get up at 2:00 am on Christmas morning to wake our parents with the news that “He’s been!!”

Anyway – Worriff the marine Bill gets passed and whichever government is responsible for implementing it finds the money and will to implement it?

I think that what will happen is that because it will only apply to England and Wales, people are going to start walking along the English – Scottish Border from Longtown(ish) to Berwick on Tweed. Because people will want to link up the Irish Sea at the Solway with the North Sea at the Tweed at Berwick – and thats the obvious way to do it.

As it happens, and completely coincidentally, I’m just in the process of planning whatever it is I might do in 2010 - (I do this every year about now…) and an idea occurred to me, following a discussion on that next August, I might do just that – but from Carlisle to Berwick. I haven’t planned the route in detail, but most of it seems fairly obvious – there’s the Kershope Forest followed by the Border ridge which runs to around Wooler – then there’s riverside paths to Berwick. easy-peasy.

As the walk will be along the Marches - henceforth, it shall be know as The Marches March.

Really should be done between February and April

watch this space ----------> santa 11

worriff ……………..santa got stuck behind a locked grid

My immediate plans are to be a steward on the scary walk at Durham County Council’s Halloween event at Hardwick Hall at Sedgefield.

I’ll be there all day tommorrow helping to set up. We’re expecting 1000+ kids.


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