Friday, 11 January 2019

Old Photos #1 2009

There’s a small hiatus, so I thought that intimes of hiatuses  (or whatever the word is) I would show some old pictures. Nostalgia is not just a pain in the nose, y’know. These are from 2009.  No comments are available. I may do 2010 the next time there’s a gap. Big walk due in a few days…. (click on the small pics for a bigger pic)|

P5090038P5110055anna arrivingarf arfbaal hill 001brian emerges from crawlbruno spies sheepconsidering a dog biscuit cnicht summitculvert entrancedanger to lifedoubtfrom sail to outersidegarrigill stand offdont try this at home folksin a hole 4kept his specs on somehowkinder edgemeatballs with smash and peasmike and netty leave lingy hutmudpie ghost 2my brain hurtsP4070014P7080011P8220044P9100017PA110048PA130064PA240018PA240020pieman with tgo half chally tshirtsnow morningsolstice 003

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