Saturday, 26 January 2019

Fruitless Forest Foray From Hadrian's Wall

LTD on the wall
 Me and LTD walked all the way from Housteads roman fort and up the Pennine Way to bag Bell Crag – a diminutive Tump in the trees. When we got there, it was surrounded by a large and spiky security fence sporting a warning notice concerning non-ionising radiation, whatever that is… so we couldn’t reach the top which, according to my GPS thingy was just 60 metres away from the gate.
On the upside , it was a really nice frosty winter’s day with just a smidge of snow here and there, otherwise I would have been in a right old sulk.
We won’t be going back for another go, though.
It was 10 miles there and back and included a flying visit to Haughton Green bothy, which was quite lovely even though it contained some abandoned socks and some doggybix in a plastic box. LTD enjoyed a few doggybix.

And another thing! I had to use "blogger" to write this since Open Live Writer refuses to connect to the blog for publishing the post. Not sure what's going on there....

Haughton green bothy
sparkly tree
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Meanqueen said...

Stunningly beautiful frosty scenes there.

Mike Knipe said...

Thanks Ilona - I'd like to take most of the credit for but my fancy new camera has "intelligent" settings... which is often more than I can say for myself... I was responsible for the weather, though, obviously..

Phreerunner said...

I think all OLW users have the same problem Mike. An error 400 message when trying to post pictures. Text posts ok. There’s quite a bit about it on the forums, but nothing I’ve managed to follow to get it working. Like you, I’m wrestling with Blogger.

Bob Andrews said...


Mike Knipe said...

Thanks Martin - so, it's the pictures wot's doing it.

Thanks Bob - so, it's the pictures..... (arf!)

Quinn said...

Lovely pictures! I can almost feel that frosty air :) I've got a lot of ice here, and snow with a thick crust that can almost hold me but is too darned slippery when I'm carrying hay and water buckets so I have to stomp my way through each step.