Tuesday, 1 January 2019

2019 Global Warming and Pieman’s Walking Plans

halifax 031
Just to say that my plans for 2019 walkies do not take account of sea-level rises, a hot summer, a wet summer, a hot and wet summer, a cold summer. no summer, an average summer or a warm autumn with lots of conkers.
In 2018 I managed 1351 miles and a quarter of a million feet of up, and, since I’m exactly where I started, also, logically,  a similar amount of down. This included a few backpacking trips, some campsite camping and a holiday near Llandovery, plus a TGO challenge, substantially in the company of John Jocys, who talks to people , which I now realise, I don’t. New Year’s resomolution #1
halifax 035
Plans now include a TGO challenge with my son. And, if I get to the end, this will be my 15th and my 2nd in a kilt. Our route has some adventurous bits in it, which is why I’ll be organising a 20+ miler each month between now and then and, probably continuing afterwards.
Plans also include attempting to join the Marilyn Hall of Fame. Thius means that I have to bag 22 Marilyns before the end of 2019. This may not seem much, but the nearest unbagged ones are miles and miles away from Pietowers but I’m hoping that trips to East Ayrshire, Fife, Beddgelert, the Isle of Man and Exmoor may resolve this particular challenge.
shivery reccy 003

Another target is to complete the Nuttalls. All my unbagged Nuttalls are  in North Wales except one, and one is also a Marilyn (double bubble). But there remains the issue of Pillar Rock. I’m going to have to bribe somebody to drag me up this one. I could hire a guide, but they’re feckin mad and will EVEN climb in wet and greasy and I have an aversion to wet and greasy with big drops below. I’m not yet having nightmares about this, having done nothing positive to make any arrangements. Chances are that sheer cowardice will avoid any unpleasant confrontations with looming heights.
And I have in my diary, several walks to lead for Wolsingham Wayfarers and the Wednesday/Saturday walking group. so leading walks will continue for a while…
shivery reccy 009
Pics are from my final walks of 2018 – A 10 mile trundle around Stubbly Pike with one of my more talented rellies and an 8 mile recky of next Saturday’s walk with the Wednesday Walkers Walking on Saturdays group up the top of Weardale in astonishingly mild conditions.
Plans for 2019 may also include something to do with The Ramblers. Watch this space------------------------>   not that one, this one<---------------------  Nudge nudge , say no more….

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Quinn said...

That sounds like a very busy year ahead, Mike - I look forward to vicarious travels and more good photographs!