Monday, 6 March 2017

Walking The Dogs on Mount Famine/TGO Chally Spring Gathering

gathering 005
For the past few years, a pattern of behaviour has developed where, on the occasion of the TGO Challenge Spring Gathering, that me and LTD visit Castle Crowther on the Very Edge of Kinder for a little trundle or dog walk up a few juicy Tumps prior to the evening’s jollities back at the Snake Pass Inn which is in Pass…
This year, following coffee and biccies in one of the Castle’s main butteries, me and LTD joined Geoff, Islay, Chrissie and Pebbles for a jaunt or expedition who’s aim was to achieve the very summit of Mount Famine followed by an assault on the Western Cwm of South Head and a bit of a circuit up to the Pennine Way and back in time for scone and more coffee. The deal was, as in the past, that I nominate a couple of hills-wot-I’d-like-to-climb and Geoff and Chrissie come up with a walk that does the job.
gathering 002
The sun beat down with a UV score of almost 2 (this is where you can get a slight tan after only a few short weeks of exposure) which made a nice change from the day before where it chucked it down all day and, indeed, the following day where it chucked it down as far North as East Leeds  (noted when progressing up the M1 towards home.) (6 degrees C warmer in Co Durham by the way)
Anyway, the walk was exceedingy pleasant and reasonably warm if you got out of the breeze and there was soft, thawing snow and cyclists and illegal wild campers (outrageous, who would do such a thing? [koff]) and I think we did about 8 miles. (I’m willing to be disabused of this assesment by anybody with a GPS or, indeed, a map)
So it was all very nice.
gathering 003
Meanwhile, back at The Snake, my tent pegs had come out of the mud they were tentavely (see what I did there) stuck in and LTD poddled my sleeping mat and bag with mucky footprints before tea and chewsticks and  after a short snoozette we repaired to the Inn for dinner, which, again, was all very jolly. The camping area was really very soggy with puddles and deep and sticky mud which got everywhere, specially with a dog. Next time, I’ll get meself organised and get a bed.
gathering 006
Meanwhile, the walk organised specially for TGO challengers and lead by Graham, there’s been a slip and a broken ankle leading to a helicopter rescue, so there was one less for dinner. I did notice too, that much of the conversation over drinkies in the bar, revolved mainly around people’s infirmities – bad knees, hips, legs, shortage of breath and so on and the challenges of being a TGO challenge organisor or long-suffering vetter. Indeed, I had once been told by a vetter who’s name will remain obscure, but who’s initials are “JD”, that my attempts at Gaeilic place names were brave but futile and that my grid references of camping spots were often in places which were more precipitous than level enough for a tent. So, there you are.
gathering 007
I was supposed to have a walk on the Sunday, but it started raining again just after breakfast, the car  thermo0meter announced that it was just 3.5 C and so, basically, I just couldn’t be arsed. The two hills I had thoughts on won’t be going away soon unless there’s a very sudden accceleration in local techtonic plate activity ( a small quake was noted at the time in Staffordshire, apparently)
gathering 009
Thanks to Geoff and Chrissie once again for a crackin’ walk and the biccies and scones.
And now, folks, it That Special Time again. Yes, it’s National Pie Week. Just saying. Have a pie, whatever you do. You have a week to organise it. Get some peas as well. And gravy.


Geoff Crowther said...

You are most welcome Michael. It was knockin' on fer 10 miles I reckon. See you soon. 😊

Andrew W said...

I'm off to Brampton in Cumbria working this week. I shall get a special pie to take back to the bunkhouse in Walton.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant weather - could hardly believe it!
But I just had to take the challenge and accurately measure how far we walked, with Viewranger: 9.04miles.

Dawn said...

Looks as if you all had a fantastic time. Amazing, you had dry weather and sunshine. Mushy peas with the pie???

John J said...

Note to self: don't take Ceilidh Band bookings on the same date as the Spring Gathering.