Thursday 9 March 2017

Soggy Stuff Near Swindale

swindale 001
Me and LTD had a little  eleven-mile jolly around the hills just a bit to the left of Swindale (depending on which direction you’re facing).  Parts of the area seem to also go under the name of “Rafland Forest” It’s near Shap.
swindale 003
These particular hills are specially empty and we saw nobody at all on them. They’re also specially soggy hills too, and, probably not because it rained all night the night before. These fells, therefore, are ideal for anybody who needs a bit of space for themselves, or who likes to sing but can’t, or who enjoys wet socks.
And it was sunny and spring-like and almost warm.
swindale 005
The purpose of this toddle was to bag three wayward Synges – Langhowe Pike, Rowantree Crag (which has a holly tree pretending to be a rowan), Great Ladstones and Scam Matthew. Other tops are available in the form of a selection of Wainwright’s Outlying Fells and/or several Birketts. There is, in fact, a lot of overlap between all of these hill categories and this just goes to show just how desperate some people are for something to bag [koff]
swindale 006
Anyway, it was a good walk. Snow on neighbouring fells was seen to diminish significantly during the day and, just to show that spring may well be springing, several small pools were heaving with rampant frogs who seem to be having some kind of party. Strangely silent on the part of skylarks, curlew and lapwings, though.
swindale 008


Dawn said...

Looks a cracking walk, and in good weather too!!

kitchenish123 said...

Flipping lovely!

Unknown said...

Great photos :-)

Anonymous said...

Love it over that way....