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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Cheviots–Around Breamish

ingram valley 003

Dawn came up with this flexible/extendable/shortenable (is that a word?) route which was Just The Thing for building up a bit of mileage prior to our Beer Trekkin trek where a few of the days are a bit long.

So we set off from the parking area at Hartside Farm which is as far as you’re allowed to drive unless your going to a party at Linhope. Or you’re a postman. Or something.

ingram valley 002

And we trundled past Alnhammoor , South Pike, aka Shepherds Cairn and the very dog-noisy Ewartly Shank. LTD quite enjoyed the barking competition at Ewartly Shank.  We followed the Salters Road over the Big Lump back into the Breamish Valley to High Bealkhope and on up to High Cantlle.

ingram valley 005ingram valley 008

Dawn’s original route had us heading over Comb Fell and Hedgehope Hill with a possible further (even further) extension which I only vaguely understood. (When I’m a follower, I tend to just follow, rather than get too involved in route decisions or, even map-reading)

ingram valley 011ingram valley 012

It was here, though, that given the extensive view which had opened up on the clearing of the murky haze we’d had so far, that Hedgehope Hill did appear to be a long, long way away. So we headed for Linhope instead where there was rumoured to be an interesting Spout or waterfall. On the way, I mentioned that Ritto Hill, which was beckoning to me to be climbed, was probably a Tump and even more probablier on my List of Things To Climb. So we bagged it. It was fairly easy nad provided a cracking view of the upper reaches of the Breamish.

ingram valley 013

Linhope Spout was very nice too and, it would seem, has some camping spots, judging by the three fire pits on the flat bit.

A short road walk finished it all off.

We did a bit over 12 miles with 2200 feet of ascent which was just hard enough for a) my winter legs and b) building up a bit of fitness for longer days next month.

high cantlle


AlanR said...

!st photo. Haziness in the morning. Probably caused by the 40% stuff.

Dawn Linney said...

Not too a bad day at all Mike.

Louise said...

Good training.

Alan Sloman said...

With all your hill exploits I cannot believe you're not super-fit, Mike!
I Like the look of 'Snuffie's Scar.'

christine hindle said...

A grand area :)

Anonymous said...

Hedgehope Hill is a long away away. I've been there and it was a long way away.