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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

More Beer Trekkin Stuff

027 wild camp nr jct 22 m62 day 2

A bit more news about the beer trekkin trek.

We have a start date: 10 May 2016

We don;t have an end date, but its very likely to be 15 days later…

We have a 320 km  route which is this:

Buxton to Flash by bus, walk back to Buxton via The Cat and Fiddle. Technically, this bit visits three of the highest pubs in England. Practically, they’re all likely to be closed unless the Cat and Fiddle gets a new landlord smartish. (or a manager….) This really does reflect the state of England’s pub trade, I think. But I expect that there’ll be a pub in Buxton somewhere..

Then Buxton to Peak Forest area

Peak Forest to The Snake Pass Inn via Edale

Snale Pass Inn to Standedge

003 Nags Head PW start day -1

Standedge to Todmorden / Bridestones area

Toddy to Cowling or Stanbury

Stanbury or Cowling to Skipton via Black Lane Ends and Earby

Skipton to Malham Cove

062 malham cove day 7

Malham Cove to Cray via Kettlewell and Buckden Pike

Cray to Hardraw

Hardraw to Tan Hill Inn

Tan Hill Inn to Kirkby Stephen

108 tan hill inn day 9

Kirkby Stephen to Shap via Orton

Shap to Kirkstone Pass via Mosedale and various fells

Kirkstone Pass to Ambleside via Golden Rule.

Dawn’s decided to come with me to make sure I don’t walk off in the wrong direction or otherwise get myself into any bother.

Lucky is also coming with me but I’ve not yet mentioned this to him. He’ll have to carry his food and poo bags.

Mrs Pieman will be busy on a restoration project at Pietowers – new patio doors,  repointing the two barrel towers over the main gateway, restocking the goldfish in the moat and spraying WD40 on the drawbridge chains..

The train to Buxton is booked….  so….


Prior to this, there’s a shake-down few days in the Lowther Hills starting from Sanquhar.

I have a Senior Railcard. What I really need is a Senior Beer Card



Anonymous said...

Avoid eating cucumber at the Snake Inn. See High Peak by Byne and Sutton for details.

John D

John J said...

A bugger that I'll be in Scotchlandshire whilst you're enduring healthily large amounts of English beer.

Julian Glover said...

Of course we realise that you are desperately trying to carry out vital research and make social comment on the state of the modern pub trade and tourism, particularly those pubs whose livelihood is determined by the need for a visit to an otherwise antisocial location.

A very valid research project. Just be careful that it doesn't simply degrade into a long walk interspersed with inn-like entertainments each day for a fortnight.

Oh no, hang on .......

Have a great time!

Dawn Linney said...

Am sure this will be a first somewhere, a teetotaller on a round of the pubs??

Alan Sloman said...

A dangerous expedition, Sir.
Take Huskies. You'll need the protein.

Dawn Linney said...

9th of May Mike?

Mike Knipe said...

Train's booked for the 9th, Dawn...

christine hindle said...

Looks a grand route that, even though I don't drink....well, I do drink water and coke and stuff, just not alcohol....
Lots of good stuff around here and then I notice you're up near the Bridestones above Todmorden. I lived very near the Bridestones - extremely near in fact - for seven years when I was married to husband no. 1.....