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Thursday, 24 March 2016

A Little Guided Walk In Teesdale

tees rly and river reccy 011

This is mainly a set of pictures taken on the reccy for yesterday’s guided walk wot I…yesterday. Plus a few taken on the actual walk.

Lucky came on the reccy but wasn’t allowed on the the day becasue I’m not allowed a dog when I’m leading a walk. Instead, I had 24 people and Bailey the half-dog-half-hot-cross-bun and including Eric the steward and David (not Compulsory Dave, but David) the other steward.

tees rly and river reccy 003

The walk is about 13 miles from Mickleton station to Middleton in Teesdale and using huge lumps of the Teesdale Way, to Cotherstone Bridge and Romaldkirk. There’s a map at the end of this blogpost. Part of the route is currently diverted due to landslips at Fairy Cupboards.

tees rly and river reccy 005

Spring is springing too – Primroses, dandelions, coltsfoot, marsh matigolds,  hellebore, lapwings, curlew, woodpecker, cheese and mustard butties… and the grouse-shooting people were sending up enormous columns of grey smoke on the moors.

tees rly and river reccy 004

tees rly and river reccy 006

tees rly and river reccy 007

tees rly and river reccy 010

teesdale rail and river 001

teesdale rail and river 004

teesdale way etc


Dawn Linney said...

Looks decidedly spring like, and with blue sky's too, lovely.

Quinn said...

Such SPRING you've got there! Lovely snaps. That primrose made me smile.
We've had a little setback in the form of snow, sleet, and freezing temps here, but now when the days are so much longer, at least it's clear Spring IS coming. Yes, it is.
It IS.

christine hindle said...

Looks suspiciously spring like there, Mike....