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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Ireshope Moor in the Snow – Testing testing…


I’m having trouble with my PC and I’m using a laptop with not much software on it…innit?

So, this is just a test. If it works, some pics taken today on a very snowy and stupidly cold Ireshope Moor will appear below. (Goggles worn cos of driftiing snow and stinging hail/snow)

If it works, I might just post some of my own pics

If it doesn’t I’m going to sit in a corner and sulk.




John J said...

No need to sulk - it's worked. More pics and a story pleeez.

Alan Sloman said...

Ere - You've lost the dog!
You'll have to go back.

Dawn Linney said...

Test appears to working. Cracking photos, very scenic!

Quinn said...

Come away out of that's working beautifully!

christine hindle said...

By, you look rather fetching in those goggles, Mike :)