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Monday, 8 December 2014

Deja Vu - Similar Walks on Killhope Law

snowman and very smal reindeer on killhope law (brrrr)

Last January, during the mildest winter since the ice melted, me and Superdawg (remember him?) walked up Killhope Law via the Carriers Way on a perishing cold day in a dusting of snow – and then we walked down the other side , visited a currick and then walked back along the road to Dirt Pot.

superdawg and the carriers way

lucky and matt set off up the carriers way

Yesterday, me and Lucky, and Matt, walked up Killhope Law  via the Carriers Way on a perishing cold day in a dusting of snow, then walked down the other side and walked back along the road to Dirt Pot.

Neither walk was deeply planned. Deja-Vu, eh? (worra fine album that was by the way)

road conditions on the way to allenheads

Soo, I collected Matt from his moorland hideout and we slithered over to Allenheads, abandoned the car on some ice and tottered off, shivering slightly, to the summit of Killhope Law where the mother or all blizzards started.



me and the pooch at thge currick

Matt made for the trig and the big stick thing that adorns Killhope Law’s top whilst me and Lucky cowered behind the currick as huge lumps of hard ice hurtled by horizontally at some significant speed. After Matt had satisfied himself that he’d bagged everything baggable on the summit, we repaired to the derelict shooting hut a bit down the hill for lunch.

the hut (january)



Lucky shivered and whinged inside the hut as we scoffed and Matt boiled something spicy in a bag. Lucky seemed happier outside in the storm and sat and watched the flakes go by whilst occasionally running about a bit daft.

lucky likes it outside

Our original plan was to walk along the wide and boggy ridge to Middlehope Moor, but sense prevailed and instead, we walked a bearing to Doctor’s Hush and down to the road which we used to get back to the knipemobile which was still there.

back to dirt pot

Luckily, road conditions had improved somewhat and an easier drive back resulted.

We did five miles.


killhope law dec



Dawn Linney said...

That looks decidedly wintery. Time to dig the thermals out!

Andrew said...

I remember going up there a few years back but it wasn't as cold. That said I would like to see it with a dusting of snow. What's that stick all about?

John J said...

Deja-vu there's a coincidence!

John J said...

Deja-vu again? Now there's a coincidence!

Mike Knipe said...

Dawn - Its not destined to get any warmer - you'll deffo need the thermals.
Andrew - the stick's been there for donkeys years and is marked on my map as a radio mast (!) But it's a stick. I suspect its for sighting the line of the parish boundary which heads North from the stick in a straight line for quite a long way (miles...)
John. That's what I thought.
John. That's what I thought.

christine hindle said...

Funnily enough, I haven't done that walk. Looked suitably wild and interesting in the white stuff, though.

Mike Knipe said...

Chrissie - You've probably just forgotten about it....