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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Roddymoor Pit Flowers

aap crook 030

Me and the Dawg did one of our twice-a-year walk around some of the paths at Crook today (Just the one wobbly stile today) and it struck the Dawg that despite about 80 years of being dug up for coal, the huge area of marshalling yards, the brickworks, the spoil heaps and all that industrial stuff, that the lanes around the site of the old Roddymoor Pit are, in fact, incredibly flowery.

So I took lots of pics of flowers, and some of them are published here, rather than churn out the usual bilge about how we had a nice little walk and all that.

aap crook 012

aap crook 020

aap crook 022

There was one other interesting bit, though. On the hill at the back of Stanley Crook, there’s a school, and alongside the playing field, there’s a path wot me and the dawg walk, and somebody’s been at the field with a digger and taken off a foot or so of topsoil. And this has revealed lots of cables and bricks with the word “PEASE” stamped in them, and shoes … and toys.  Here’s a fish. It must have flown over the hedge from the school field. If anybody remembers losing a plastic mould in the shape of a fish, I know where it is.

aap crook 028 aap crook 029

Anyway, it’s nice to see al the flowers. It just goes to show that eventually, given a chance….. 

aap crook 026

aap crook 016

OK. Thats enough of that, now…


muddytracks said...

When I lived in Crook I walked around Roddymoor quite a bit. It's a really beautiful part of the world and amazing that nature can come back as dramatically as it has done. Some of the meadows around Crook have more flower and grass species than the ones near me in Wolsingham. Just goes to show...

Alistair Pooler said...

Lovely flowers :-) Sounds like a nice walk.

Dawn said...

Impressive Mike, lovely flowers, it just goes to show how nature can heal given the chance.

Howellsey said...

It's been one of the best Summers for wild flowers that I can remember....