Thursday 14 June 2012

Lightweight Wales (We say “Pah!” to lightweight)

hugh rucksack
In the face of a terrible weather forecast and probably motivated by the extended planning period for this trip plus the fact that we’ve bought train tickets, me and Dawn are setting off to Machynlleth tomorrow for a backpacking, or, rather, camping trip to Cadair Idris and it’s surroundings. We’re lead to understand that Alan Rayner  who’s blog is here will be joining us on Sunday and, if he’s any sense at al, will bring a small supply of barm cakes. As for me, my contribution is stotties. North-Easterners will be familiar with the stottie, which is a local bread-based flat loaf with a specially chewy consistency which is traditionally loaded with ham and pease pudding. 
Together, we have bacon, sausages, eggs, beef, cheese, veggies, various species of potato, including the dehydrated version which earthlings peel with their metal knives and then smash all to bits.
I have a small supply of alcohol which is barely sufficient for five days but includes tins of beer and we both have the means to fasten tents down as securely as possible in the teeth of an atlantic storm
We have a small library of books and maps and music via the magic of MP3.
By no means could this expedition be described as “lightweight”. (although I do have a titanium spork)
There could well be another short hiatus in blog posts till I return after the solstice.
So , here’s some educational music which is not relevant to the Queen’s Jubilee, the Olympics or the footy going on over in Slabovia.


AlanR said...

See you sunday Mike. I'll bring me babbel fish.
Barms might be a bit difficult but will have a go. I don't like supermarket barms they have to come from a bakery.

Iain said...

I once made the grave error of buying a Stottie which was warmed/nuked to scalding hot by a garage thingy near Gateshead. I was on my way to interview somebody or other for a feature piece for the Torygraph at the time. I innocently bit into the thing while driving along and immediately exploded with beans, black-pud, egg etc splattered across me keks, hands, dashboard and windscreen. A lesson learned! Never found out out what the interveiewee thought of my appearance!

chrissiedixie said...

You can't beat a ncie barm cake can you?

chrissiedixie said...

Something seemed to go amiss there - I'm just checking that it was clear that the barm cake comment was from me...