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Friday, 29 June 2012

Hi Ho Silver Haway (bonnie lad)

kirkcarrion in winter

Me and the dawg just did our bi-annual walk around the footpaths to the immediate North of Pie Towers – up to Roddymoor, skirting the disputed Kitty’s Wood and up on to the hill above Crook and around the back kind of thing. Avid readers may remember that many of the stiles had been repaired when we did this walk back in January, and one stile had been wired up with barbed wire, reported to the Council, and cleared. So, this time, I didn’t expect much in the way of footpath issues and, I was chuffed not to find any. Bruno enjoyed the trundle and the bounce around the field with no stock in it.

bruno searches for a stile. any stile...

And its been that time of year when Maria at the council asks for plans for the winter guided walks programme, so I put a dozen walks in for that. Some are repeats and some are new. I’ll have to reccy the new ones fairly soon, and each gets a reccy a week before the walk takes place – so some get walked three times altogether.

dvcrs guided walk baldersdale

This is what I’ve submitted: (No dates at the present cos they’re not confirmed)

October: Burble Well Baldersdale (this is new – cracking name for a place, though, eh?)

November: Cow Green – Langdon Beck – Cauldron Snout ( another new one – this is a classic Upper Teesdale one that appears in lots of guidebooks)

November: Bolts law from Blanchland - (New – cracking view, Grommit)

December: Advent walk around Crook – (Mince pies and coffee at St Cath’s afterwards)

December: Tunstall/Fawnlees (Seemed very poplier last time…)

cowshill to the border january 2012

January: Cowshill to Northumberland border. (repeated – high level, so it should be cold brrrrrrr)

January: Upper Weardale: Westgate – Bollihope (new , low-level winter walk)

February: Elephant Trees – Bollihope (repeat – this is not the same Bollihope as above. Several Bollihopes are available)

February: Hudeshope (repeat – hoping that the mud is frozen)

March: Westgate – Rookhope (repeat through Slitt Wood etc)

March: Bentley Beetham vs Hannah Hauxwell (repeat walk in Baldersdale)

March: Rookhope Burn (repeat.)

Phew. This should keep me busy, I would have thought….

By the way – the post title refers to The Lone Ranger, for those not of a certain age. It’s a joke, see?



Brian Cowling said...

"Hi-yo Silver!" surely, Ke-mo sah-bee :-)

Dawn said...

Wow,that is some amount of busy-ness Mike!

Alan R said...

I must be very young, i thought it was Hi Ho Silver Lining!

So a busy snowy season then Mike. It might have all washed away by then.

chrissiedixie said...

At first glance I thought it was Hi Ho Silver Lining too!
I know it's a different programme, but my mum and dad used to have a 78 of 'Champion the Wonderhorse'...

Mike Knipe said...

Brian - No, think it's hi ho silver away..! I didn;t appreciate it at the time but Lone Ranger episodes were entirely made in a studio with stock shots of a cowboy and an indian galloping throught he same desert. A battle between injuns and cavalry was indicated by a cavalry officer entering stage left covered in dust and with an arrow in his hat.

Mike Knipe said...

Dawn- Yes - busy busy busy - and I've got three guidebooks to review too, so that's even more walkies...
Alan - Chrissie - Hi Ho Silver Lining anywhere you go (oh baby) I see your sun is shining but I won;t make a fuss. Cos it's obvious. (Jeff Beck hits from the 60's)
Fleetwood Mac also did an album track called "Hi Ho Silver" where the last line is "Hi Ho Silver Away..." or in Geordie, of course, it's "Haway" which has many more meanings including "hurry up" and "you're joking aren't you?"

Brian Cowling said...

Mike, "Hi-ho" from the Durham Ranger no doubt, but definitely "Hi-yo" from the Lone one ...

Oldmortality said...

"Tonto, Tonto we're surrounded by indians - we're going to die!"
"What yo mean,'we', white man ?"

Jules said...

That's a fair itinerary you have there, Mike. I'm sure you'll keep us informed and I hope you get at least some cracking winter days to enjoy them.