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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Another Reccy – By the Wear at Bishop Auckland

alan enid and eva mwah mwah
First of all, lets just discuss this interesting graffiti wot I found on a waymarker post. Alan Loves Enid 4 Eva. Does this mean that Eva loves Enid but has delegated the job to Alan? Or has Alan just made some assumptions….  Who knows?
Anyway, me and superdawg had a five mile walk from Newton cap Viaduct at Bishop Auckland, alongside the River Wear for a bit and then back on the Bishop-Brandon walk which is along the old railway line from Bishop to Durham.
did you just fart?

We met horses. These two should appear in a caption competition.
a deep bit with reflections
There’s a bit where the path climbs up around a crag where the water is deep and still and occupied by ducks and something lurking in the water. Its about that time when the salmon run upstream – so maybe it was salmon. But otters have been recorded here too, so maybe….
bishop - brandon walk

The actual guided walk is a Saturday Afternoon Special, starting at Newton Cap pickernick place at half one. Its a bit muddy and there are some enthusiastically friendly horses to scare the timid.   It may go a bit dark at the end. My headlight is broken. I put new batteries in and the on/off switch won’t switch it off, so I have to turn a battery around the wrong way to turn it off.  This is not a hint to family members considering Christmas presents… but…er……..


Alan R said...

6 PH's in such a small area. It has the makings of a good guided walk/stagger.
I presume the guide is there to ensure everybody gets home safe if a little wobbly.

Mike Knipe said...

Unfortunately Alan, one of them is now closed.
However, at the southern end of the km grid which has the start, there are several ph's unmarked on the map.
So, there's probably more like eight altogether.
Not that obviously, just,...