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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Fight Club Hikers at Kirkstone Pass

fch mass at Caudale head
Friday afternoon, I took the knipemobile and it’s new tyres over the Pennines to Kirkstone Pass for the occasion of the peacefulhikers – that is to say the Fight Club Hikers third anniversary “do”. I should also add that it is very very close to my 60th birthday…
driechness at kirkstone pass
The Pass was a bit on the dreary side when I arrived, to find Wibble Himself reading the Daily Mirror and drinking San Miguel in a dark corner of the bar. Over time, TDude, Gill (Walkingirl) Mott, Peter Crawford, Nurse Jane and Masey and their dogs arrived from various points in South Englandshire, such as Manchester and Anglesey – and Terrybnd from somewhere up the hill round the back. We drank beer.
the pies have arrived
At one point some birthday pies with candles were produced  for my birthday. I was not disappointed at all at the lack of a stripper nominally dressed as a WPC. BUt these are hard times and sacrifices need to be made.
setting off on a walk
In the morning, after a night of snoring, farting and the half-hearted attentions of the pub poltergheist, we set off (eventually) up Caudale Head and over to Hartsop.
terry and peter enjoy the view

This went well and the weather was specially kind in a sunny and sparkly kind of way.  There were lots of contours, specially down to Hartsop over Hartsop Dodd, which is a bit like walking off the end of the world.
walking off the end of the world. Hartsop Dodd
At the outlet to Brotherswater, the group split. Those with appointments with foaming beer glasses headed for the permissive path back to the pub (and very nice it was too) and other, more determined Hikers went for the high level or haute route. At some point, this party also split between those with reasonable characters and the focussed hill-baggers and duped companions (frankly) who went for very high tops with the certainty of darkness and head-torch time. Head torches were used.
climbing up to Kirkstone Pass
Afterwards, we gathered once again in The Bar and drank yet more beer and ate things wth chips and lots and lots of pepper in some cases.
In the morning, which was probably Sunday by now, we had a desperate hunt for Masey’s car keys, dramatically and emotionally and, even suddenly and after protracted searches of personal cavities and unbder beds and stuff – by Gillian  who eventually searched somewhere sensible but unlikely and came up with the key keys which were key to Masey getting home without spending £400 on a special lift thingy.
scafells from wansfell
Me and Terrybnd went to bag the subsidiary top of Wansfell in bright and glorious sunshine and, after falling damply on my arse several times (more than three), I decided that these trainers were useless and took Terrybnd to Ingleton where he was determined to camp up Ingleborough whilst I enjoyed a breakfast in Bernie’s cafe. And very nice and cracking good value it was too.
And that was it, really. Cracking weekend. I was sustained spiritually, emotionally and nutritionarily by the pies, specially the meat and potato one. Nom nom nom, as we say in Pieland.


Alan Sloman said...

Cracking read, Gromit.

And, Happy Birthday, young fella.


Paul aka Themuss said...

well I was to be there with you guys and well just for personal reasons I couldn't make it but hope toi be at the next 1 thanks for the invite all the same

Paul aka Themuss said...

you seemed to have a blinder wish I ha been there hoprfully next time thanks for sharing

Alan R said...

So you did get out in the good weather. but i expect it was a little blurry.
Looks and sounds like you had a good weekend.
I hear so many stories of us hiker types losing keys. Something must be done about it. Getting a clear brain is the starting point but i fear it’s won’t last long.

Meanqueen said...

Good views there, and a good time was had by all. Why is is called Fight Club?

Louise said...

Hoppy Birdy!

Andrew W said...

Top area that.
When t'kids was tiny unt 'olidays didn't av ta tally wi rest o galaxy, we used to stay at Caudale Beck an yomp up 'ills.
Crackin area. Tore me cartilege runnin down 'artsop Dodd in 2007.
Such memories! Ahh!

Martin Rye said...

Hartsop Dodd does look like a leap of faith going down. Looks like a nice weekend had by all Mike. Happy birthday.

Al said...

Some would say that at 60 most pie's would have gone off, but it would seem that you have merely matured! Or perhaps not?!! Looks like a good do, Many Congrats.

Peter Crawford said...

Yes Mike it was good to walk with you again. Fire walk with me.

Nice to meet Terry too.

@meanqueen. It's just a joke name, babe, just a joke.

Meanqueen said...

Thanks Peter.

Phil said...

Birthday eh? Another of times victims tumbling helplessly into their seventh decade ;-)

Mike Knipe said...

Well, thanks for all the comments. I'll be spending the day quietly, as befits a decayed seventh decade person, assembling a lamb hot pot in a slow cooker. (Other cookers are much to fast for me at this age)
Mwah mwah to everybody. I'm off for my mid-day lie down.

Dawn said...

Fantasmagorical write up and a belated happy birthday to you. My next may be to Kirkby Stephen area.Am waiting for cold, dry conditions????

terrybnd said...

Was great meeting you Alan and all the others, too. I really enjoyed everyones company :)

The walk we did on Sunday morning was very pleasant. Enjoyed that. And thank you so much for the lift to Ingleton.

My injured knee gave me some grief on the ascent but I made it with an hour spare before sunset. It was a cracking camp and made for a wonderful finish to a fab few days.

Thanks again to you and the other FCHs. Hope to see you all again soon.

Mike Knipe said...

Dawn: My email address is in the blogger profile thingy. Let me know when you're up for K. Stephen (its only 45 mins dfrom Knipe Towers). Dry conditions? arf arf....
Terrybnd: Nice to meet you too - and a fellow fan of Ingleborough, too. I daresay we'll meet again....