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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Some Things Planned and Some Things Not Very Planned

cairngorms from burma road
As it’s been a wet weekend and I’ve done all the rangering that I need to do for now, I could have been doing some writing today.
But I didn’t
What I did do, was that I planned a TGO Challenge route, or at least, most of a TGO challenge route. This will (or, possibly, would, if I don't get a place), from Strathcarron to Struy, to Drumnadrochit, through the Moanyleegach wind factory, down the Avon and finish somewhere around Stonehaven.
d6 red bothy and challenge tents
One of the sections is a bit long, but if I can buy dehydrated scoff in Aviemore (and I don’t see why not) – it’ll be fine.
That’s the planned bit. There’s more planning to do, obviously, but it’s mainly there – I have the chords and the words…
127 high force river tees day 11

The unplanned thing I’m planning starts on Wednesday when, somehow (I need to plan this bit) – I’ll get myself to High Force and start walking South. The destination is Malham, or, possibly Skipton. Mrs Pieman has contracted to pick me up and bring me home from wherever I am four days later.
Regular pieblog readers will recognise the project as one which bans the use of maps, compass and GPS and will not follow the Pennine Way, but will be more direct. I’m hoping/expecting that the fact the Ingleborough should be in view most of the time will provide a handy reference. If its foggy, I could have trouble, I suppose, but the route isn’t very high…..
This folly is inspired by AJ Brown’s 1930’s guide “Moorland Tramping West Yorkshire” which I’ve described elsewhere in this pieblog.
Who knows where it will end?
not ingleborough
I’m hoping to hit the Tan Hill pub at some point, but if I miss it, it’ll be my own fault.
I’m not planning to run out of food, and have a fair stash left from my Outdoorgrub order. I’ll buy a little more and some in-tent entertainment, but thats it. Thats the plan.
Some things can be overplanned.


Louise said...

Er, 'scuse me! That's my route! (Roughly) I've got a spreadsheet of distance/ascent/campsites an' everything! Guess I'll be bumping in to you along the way, if we both get on. If I get to enter again...
word: grate

Tony Bennett said...

Yes, that's quite a bit of mine too but mine is already vetted, unused and still in it's bag from this year. All I need is a working set of legs.

Careful in the mist near those big holes around Ingleborough!

The word is tioni - hey how cool is that?

QDanT said...

In tent entertainment ? that'll be Kylie then ?

Mike Knipe said...

Louise - Thats good - in the words of Lord Nelson, I'll keep an eye out for you..
And Tony too, if your legs start working.
Greta minds y'see....
I'm planning a low level walk with "fine weather alternatives"
Dan - Yes, I was hoping for a visit from KM. If not, I'll have a small supply of 40% proof for the dreaming.

Alan R said...

Hope the rotton weather bucks up for you. I don’t think i will have dried my gear out by wednesday.
All the best Mike.

Mike Knipe said...

We live in hope, Alan.

Actually, we live in Crook....