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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Gaping Gill and Shittlehope Pics from Brian’s Camera


Brian sent these through just now. These are just a selection.

gaping gill 009

Charlie, Brian and Colin waiting to be winched down

gaping gill addn 1

Me in a a hole, somewhere near Sand Cavern

gaping gill addn 3

Returned to the surface, damper and muddier than before.

shittlehope addn 1

Testing the deep pool for depth. Anything to be kept dry is in the rucksack. The water is not very warm.

shittlehope addn 2 

Attempt abandoned. Thats enough of that….

We’ll have no ribaldry about the trollies. They were a bit damp at this point.



The Weekend Dude said...

Wow, is that a winch into gaping gill? I remember moseying over Ingleborough and peering down into that darkness and wondering what was in there. In all the darkness it sure looked a long way dooooooooown............

Mike Knipe said...

Yes, it's a winch!
On the last week in August, every August, the Craven Pothole Club organise a winch. Bradford Pothole Club do it in May each year.
It is a very very long way down......

The Weekend Dude said...

Grand - will have to get that on the calendar and head down into the depths at some point.

Alan Sloman said...
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Mike Knipe said...
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