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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Border Walk Kit and Food List

tgo burma rd and laundry

Suzie asked if there was a list of kit. There is, and here is the list of stuff to be taken on the Border walk. Most of the overnights on this walk will have nearby access to pubs and shops. There’s one night in the Forestview Hostel at Byrness and one night wild camping. So, I’m just carrying some lunch for the first day or so, most of the breakfasts and one full three course dehydrated evening meal, plus one spare dehydrated meal.

I’m taking just the one gas canister , in view of access to pubs.

There are shops at Longtown, Newcastleton, ?Kielder (not sure about this one), Town Yetholm, Coldstream, so I need to shop for day food at Newcastleton.

I haven;t packed yet, so I don’t know the weight of this, but its very similar to a TGO pack, but with less food. I’m guessing at about 12kg, which isn’t lightweight, but its not too bad. The only addition I’ve made is a headnet for the Kielder midgies. This weighs bugger-all.

Here’s the list:

Item notes
Clothing Hat north face
Buff tgo challenge buff
Tops/Base layer X2 merino wool base layer
Fleece rab
midge headnet highlander micronet
Waterproof jacket rab
Trousers ronhill
Waterproof trousers cheapo blacks
Undies X2 spare
Socks x2  pairs
Boots marmot
Gloves (thinsulate type) 50 pence on crook market
Cheapo sandals for paddling becks
Toiletries toothbrush and paste
alcohol-based handwash small bottle
pack towl small
hotel shower gel smal bottle
pkt tissues for the bottom
Tent Tent hilleberg akto (max weight about 1.5 kg)
sleeping bag golite adrenalin
neo-air mattress
small petzl headlight
Food Platypus 3 litre
Stove primus
2x250gm gas 1 canister per 6 days
primus kettle
cup (about 1 pint) polythene
windshield and stove stabilizer primus

pen knife

small tin opener

cigarette lighter
washing up sponge/scourer
Entertainment Money
small radio/ipod or similar
consider your boozy needs
e.g. cycling bottle full of some kind of alcoholicaal spirit….hic…
safety compass
blister dressings
pencil/small notepad
1 pr spare laces
gaffa tape on walking poles
2 walking poles
spare batterries
Rucksack deuter air contact 45+10 litre
bum bag
Food Instant tea
squirty cheese
choccy bars mars, boost, double decker
energy bars
instamt porridge
breakfast bars
sm phts instant coffee
hot chocolate drinks
water purifying tabs
2 mountain house meals
2 sweet courses
ainsley harriot soup


Laura said...

I wouldn't count on too much in the way of edible food from Town Yetholm shop!!!!Last time I was there I managed a bag of crisps and a toblerone (which subsequently melted in my bag...a messy business).

Mike Knipe said...

Really Laura?
If its very bad, I'll head for the fleshpots of Kelso.
I understand they have at least one fleshpot.

Pennine Ranger said...

hmmm crisps and toblerone sound like quite a balanced diet for a trip of this nature. I'm sure you could find some wild plants if you were worried about getting your 5 a day :)

The Odyssee said...

Hope the weather bucks up a bit for you Mike. Its dreadful here in West Cumbria and the forecast is not good for the next few days.
I wouldn't mind having a bash at that walk myself.

Laura said...

Looks like it'll be a good trip though (fleshpots aside!) - looking forward to reading your posts.

('scotran' - an appropriate word for a toast)

Mike Knipe said...

I hadn't thought of Toblerone. It seems a bit sophisticated. Worrabout five fruit-based beverages per day - eg cider, wine, brandy....
Not too bothered about the weather, Alan - as long as it comes off the Solway, it'll blow me in an easterly direction.
I think the forecast is reasonable - a bit warmer, except during cooler spells, sunny, cloudy, spells of rain, windy, not windy, dark at night....

Mike Knipe said...

I thought your comment had disappeared, Laura, but it's nuzzled itself in out of order...
Scotran - Don't they regulate train services?

Laura said...

Nuzzled? Me? Surely not........

('almobipi' - these words get more and more strange.....)