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Friday, 19 March 2010

Peebles to Moffat to Peebles

hart fell from ettrick

I thought it might be useful for those taking part in this walk, and those possibly taking part, including anybody who hasn’t answered recent emails who may or may not becoming - (gasp!) – to sum up the arrangements for the walk.

Anybody who isn’t included in the above who may want to give it a bash is welcome to send me an email and let me know… but you might want to consider the details before committing yourself. It may well be, in fact, that many of the participants will wish they’d been committed instead.

In any event, there's a few definates and a bunch of possibles, and a partly probable, so there'll be a small party at least.

upper glen sax

The details:

Saturday 3 April – Meet in the main P&D car park in Moffat between 10:30 and 11:00 am.

Leaving a car or two in Moffat – proceed by car to Peebles and abandon the cars. The police have been asked to advise on safe parking in Moffat.

Have some drinkies in Peebles

Walk from mid to late afternoon

Sunday 4 April – Walk to Megget Stone area

Monday 5 April – Walk to Moffat – evening in Moffat

Note that due to the uncertain nature of who is definately attending, its not been possible to arrange a dinner. We can either play this by ear (ears will be disinfected for this purpose) – or we can try to arrange something before leaving Moffat on the 3rd.

Tuesday 6 April – Walk half a day towards Ettrick

Wednesday 7 April – Possibly camp at Tibbie Shiels Inn

Thursday 8 April – Stagger back to Peebles.

It will be seen from this plan that it will be possible for people to do either Peebles to Moffat or Moffat to Peebles or Peebles to Moffat to Peebles – and, even Tibbie Shiels to Peebles if only one day can be spared (8 April). So its very flexible and leaving cars at both ends of the walk will mean that return transport ought not to be a problem.

A safe(ish) and free parking spot in Peebles has been identified.

The total distance is around 73 miles and the route is fairly high level. The pace will not be blistering.


John J said...

See you in Moffat par cark.

Word: coricl. A shortened maritime know-all.

mike knipe said...

Yes indeed. The oricl in the coricl
Its going to be smashing....

Phil said...

As the battle between my ma & the National Elf is enjoying an uneasy truce, I will be there - deffo!

Along with my old friend & mentor in all things walkery, the Abominable Slowman.

It's almost two years since I did a 'proper' walk - be gentle with me boys :-)

mike knipe said...

Excellent - (Your attendance, not your mum's experiences with the NHS) - we do intend to be pretty gentle.... You'll be able to see what a contour looks like.