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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Famiss Lakes Potes #3

I wandered lonely as a bee

English Language Prep  (homework) in the Wordsworth household.

Scene 1 Up in William’s bedroom just after tea.

William: I wandered lonely as an apricot

I wandered lonely…as a bee.

I wandered lonely as …a cloud

I wandered….lonely as a…. an eagle

I wandered lonely as a ….frog…..”

Dave “Justamminnit, Bill. Go back a bit..”

William: “ I wandered lonely as a bee?”

Dave": “Yeah, you’re right. What’s this got to do with feckin daffodils anyway?”

William “It has to be in tomorrow”

Dave “Do it on the bus. Top of the Pops is on in a minute”



beatingthebounds said...

Dave Wordsworth? They don't mention him in the guided tour.

mike knipe said...

They don't mention Barry Wordsworth either. No - Its all William this and William that. Fckin daffodils....