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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Backpacking Food Planning

peebles hills

As we’re imminently to have a little jaunt or daunder over the hills of the Borders, I’ve just been planning my requirements for scoffing over the walk.

For those who haven’t been paying much attention, or newcomers to reading the tripe that I constantly churn out on this blerg – there’s a small bunch of people, including me, who are about to try to walk from Peebles to Moffat and an even smaller bunch (possibly down to trio levels) who are intent on walking back to Peebles after the fleshpots of Moffat. This will involve some wild camping and a bit of walking (about 73 miles)

So, I’ve just done what I usually do on these occasions – and that is, make a plan.

And this is it.

food for peebles to moffat

On Saturday we will gather in Moffat and then redistribute ourselves to Peebles after which we will (after lunch) walk a bit and then eat, poo and sleep.

I will, therefore, only need to carry my dinner on the Saturday. This could well be a packet soup with an oatcake and some smash in it, Katmandu Curry from Backpackers pantry plus a Mountain House apple and custard.

I will also have hot chocolate, tea and coffee available at all times.

And I’ll be carrying 50cl of very cheap whisky. I mustn’t drink more than half of this on the first night.

On Sunday, there’ll be breakfast -Hot cereal start from Pack n Go trail food – oatcakes, energy bars, cheese, chocolate) and Dinner – see above for soup, plus a Real Turmat Wolfish casserole and something for sweet (to be decided – prolly cake and custard) + coffee and the remaining scotch.

Monday breakfast – Breakfast bars and prunes, trail food as per Sunday and dinner in a pub in Moffat.

Tuesday – Breakfast and probably lunch in Moffat. Dinner soup (see above) Backpackers pantry Spaghetti and sauce, cake and custard, more scotch bought in Moffat

Wednesday – Breakfast – Porridge and sultanas by Pack n Go,

Trail food as above (or I may use some army biscuits brown plus chicken and herb pate) – and dinner at Tibbie Shiels Inn (backup supply of MX3 Chicken Columbo and rice

Thursday – Breakfast – breakfast bars and prunes (or Tibbie Shiels if they do breakfast or the late opening nearby cafe)

Trail food as above.

I’ll be home for dinner.

At least, I’ll be home for dinner if my car is still wherever I left it.

And that should be that

I must say, I don’t like the look of the new spring snow thats just been dumped in the Borders. It might melt. We’ll have to be brave…..

I’ll have to go to Durham for Gas and maps very shortly.

The cat, incidentally, who’s name is Trex (cooking fat – gettit..? fnarr fnarr) will not be coming.

Late Edit - More about this walk and some lovely maps on Orla Gogg's Blogg here


The Odyssee said...

Sounds like a plan Mike. Hope it all goes well and the snow conditions improve.
Look forward to reading the post.

Alan Sloman said...

You're way ahead of me. No planning done yet. Tent not seam-sealed. No food. No gas.

No hope!

I'm doomed!

(Nice cat, btw)

Louise said...

Oh ho, Trex! Like that. How did you derive Bruno?
Very organised, I have to say. I always forget lunch, despite the fact I know I always forget it, I never remember lunch.
Still, looks like I have a whole year to remember to pack lunch. Hmph.

Meanqueen said...

Ahhhh, go on, take Trex, looks like pussy wants to go with you.

PhilW said...

Trex! Ah, the old ones are always the best. A few years ago it was alleged that a poll to name the new Blue Peter cat was rigged - the name rejected - Cookie.

mike knipe said...

Ecky thump! A plethora of sudden coment...a sudden plethora of comments.
I must say I'm a bit troubled by the amount of snow in the Borders - its been on the telly. Surely it will have thawed by saturday and the road to peebles will have been reopened.
The cat can't come. Thats a decision (he whinges too much, and somehow manages to go out twice the numebr of times he comes in...)
Got the gas , some bigger scale maps and a chocolate pud to replace some prunes.
And a kipper. The kipper's not coming either.
Thanks each for the comments.

IckleBigSis said...

No I don't think anyone could cope a weekend in a tent with Trex. He is the most whingey cat I have ever known well apart from my Gobby gaby.

Bruno will be busy by being introduced to 5 month old Pip.

Enjoy your walkies Dad, look forward to reading the blerg. :)

Phil said...

Waitrose don't sell squirty cheese (to keep out the riff raff I suppose) so I have just got back from the Co Op. Found some very cheap whisky there, but in deference to the discerning palates of my companions I splashed out an extra 51p to upgrade to the Co Op own brand.

Me & Sloworm will be in Moffat Friday night, acclimatising at the Moffat camp site ... mmmm, may have to visit the Co Op again.

mike knipe said...

I'll miss the new dog, rachel... send me a pick of Bruno with his nose up it's bum. Ta!
I was thinking of nicking some of the Lancashire out of the fridge, Phil. I quite like the Co-op single malt, aktcherlie.
In fact, I like any whisky beginning with "W".

Martin Rye said...

Get some snow shoes Mike. I reckon you will just get the odd shower and strong winds. Have a good trip.

mike knipe said...

The MWIS forecast for the next day or so isn't too bad, Martin. Freezing is from 600 metres and rising. It should be clear from the Braemar car park by the end of May.
My pal from Nenthead says there's a foot of wet snow there which is undriveable in.
If its wet it'll either freeze or melt.

The Weekend Dude said...

Great to see you've got priorities straight and you've already formulated a plan for restocking the scotch in Moffat. Just wondering if 50cl will be enough to get you to civilisation, I wouldn't want to run dry - that would surely flatten morale. Fingers crossed for the weather for you, sounds like a great trip.

mike knipe said...

Hmm, well you have a fair point about the scotch, there weekend dude. You're obviously a highly experienced hillcamper. Maybe I could replace some prunes with more whisky....?
I need to rejig the plan....

The Weekend Dude said...

Sounds like you've got it all in hand. I trust you will find the right balance, unless of course there's a heavy bias towards the whisky in which case balance wont even come into it.

John J said...


Did someone mention a plan?

Are we going somewhere?


mike knipe said...

... only if the snow melts a bit JJ....!