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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Whats happening with my TGO trip report?

Phil Lambert, head honcho of the very fine Doodlecat has indicated that he’d likely accept my 2009 TGO Challenge trip account on the Doodlecat website.

I think this is probably the best place for it (providing its any good!), along with multiple other TGO challenge accounts. Presumably some other Challengers will be looking to post accounts and picture albums there too. It’s a cracking resource for this kind of stuff.

So, the result of this is that there will be very little further mention of the TGO Challenge on this blog, at least until the October issue of TGO Magazine comes out. Unles I get a bit maudlin about it and start missing the constant rub of skeggy undies against glowing thighs, the delicious smell of damp socks and the craving for sausage and chips. No! I will have none of it. At least for a few months anyway.

Until then, I leave the TGO with a cuppla pics – the bottom one being sent to me earlier today by Challenger Tony Bennett, whom, along with this mate Steve, crossed paths with me several times between Newtonmore and somewhere else. It is, of course, yours truly reclining recumbently and a bit imperially at Gelder Shiel with a cup of hot chocolate. There’s a couple of other pics too. I’m saving the rest for Doodlecat and the occasional unresisted mention of the TGO.

There’ll be a shameless plug when it appears. I’ve not started writing it yet – I want things to sink in a bit. I have made no notes at all, so, when it happens, the result will be inaccurate, disjointed, untrue and at best, exaggerated. Specially the bit about the slug. Anyway, you’ll have to wait.




Phreerunner said...

Looking forward already to that amazing work of fiction whereby you recall unearthing whisky stashes, with the aid of slugs on at least a daily basis.
Have fun writing your novel.
M + S

mike knipe said...

Martin, you're obviously thinking about my pet slug "flash". He's responsible (with the aid of a good road map) for the design my TGO routes.
I just follow his trail.... (trail,... geddit?...arf arf...)

Where IS my coat....?

Tony said...

Ayoop Mike, nice pics! We saw those cows at Ruthven barracks about an hour after you I think. When Steve and I set out from Sheffield 3 weeks ago, I was saying I would only do this walk once - why would anyone want to walk across Scotland more than that? That way leads to insanity. Now I'm thinking about possible new routes and lightweight gear and wondering if I can get on again next year. My life is ruined!

See you in July.

mike knipe said...

Ta for the pic, Tony. I'm looking forward to a bit of Pennine bog trotting in July...
In the meantime, I see you have the Chally virus. Your life is indeed ruined. You may well feel the need to drone on incessantly about the bad weather, the interesting river crossings and the properties of socks. You can't even get counselling. My thoughts are with the family.

Phreerunner said...

Ha Ha!
I like the river crossing shot - much tougher than anything we attempted!
So you're planning another 'sluggish' crossing?

mike knipe said...

I'll be travelling at my usual snails' pace, obviously, but maybe I should venture up the Slugain... ?