Tuesday, 21 April 2009

New Boots Time

I appreciate that a couple of weeks before the TGO Challenge is possibly not the best time to be buying new boots for use on the walk. But needs must.
I have several pairs of boots and here's why I can't use them....
1) Scarpa's - bought four years ago. Fab on Scafell Pike for bashing scree and boulders, and fab with crampons. But too heavy. After a couple of days, they'd have me poor feet in shreds.
2)Altbergs - Got these buckshee a couple of years ago. They're really comfy and not really all that heavy. But thye've died. The stuffing has fallen out, along with many of the lacing points.
3) Berghaus booooits - Lightweight -carpet slipper comfort - a birthday prezzie from my son roughly at the same time as I got the scarpa's. Not waterproof, and they've lost some lace fixing points.
4) Cheapo Hi-tecks. Comfy. Allegedly waterproof (ha!)
So thats it. I haven't mentioned the wellies.
Whatever I buy will likely be unsuitable in some subtle sort of way (story of my life!). And I'm hoping to start breaking them in tommorrow in the Cheviots. I'll give 'em a bit of a thrashing.
Me compass has a bubble too, so thats another reason for a trip to Durham.
And, like whitespider Darren, I'll be having a little visit to the Cathedral, just because.... but there'll be no pictures of lovely knockers here (I had some once, though, I believe)
Pics are a shrine involving walking boots in Slit Wood at Westgate. Some of my boots are in marginally better condiiton.

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