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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Arsenal cake

In order to try to conserve cash for important stuff like backpacking, beer, petrol, beer and beer, I decided to start baking my own walking confectionary again.
This mainly consists of mincemeat buns – a bit like small Christmas cakes, I suppose, flapjack and the occasional ginger cake.
This time I made a dozen very manly-looking mincemeat buns and some flapjack.
I decided to coat the flapjack in chocolate, just by way of a change and, as there was a small amount of icing left from Mrs K’s celebratory cake making the other week – I thought I’d try to inscribe the thing with a motto or logo.
I was going to write the name of a famous footy team, but ran out of both icing and flapjack.
Anyway, the pick shows the result.
If I can get my Everton out of bed in the morning, I’ll take some of the cakes with me.
Yes, I know, I know....


Tykelad said...


I didn't know there was a such a thing as arse cakes. Arse biscuits, yes....

Must be a Lancashire thing!

IckleBigSis said...

Do you want a Carrot cake or Singin hinny recipe. Also have a muesli bar recipe somewhere.

I'd like the ginger cake recipe at some point please, esp if its grandma's recipe, used to love that stuff!

mike knipe said...

Wouldn't mind the singin hinny recipe as it happens Rachel... not too bothered about carrot cake - carrots and cake just seems wrong, somehow..
Nice cake, though Tykelad - had some today up the Cheviots... I thinks its a SW Durham thing.

mike knipe said...

By the way Rachel - the ginger cake recipe is out of a book... Grandma took the secret of the other one to her incinerator.
You can also coat it with something and write rude words on it.
I'll send you the recipe..