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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Adopt-a-path stuff

I used to do a fair bit as a voluntary Ranger for Durham County Council, but I gave it all up after I got the notion that I should make space for "something", but not quite knowing what the something was.
Any road up, I kept my adopt-a-path duties on. These aren't very onerous and , frankly, get me out of the house yet one more time - er.. actually, its four times. I walk around two routes consisting of linked paths twice a year. One set at Crook and another at Blanchland/Edmundbyers. January is the time to do the ones at Crook.
The purpose of this little jaunt is to report back to the DCC on the state of the footpaths and report anything untoward such as a duff stile or a mad axeman slavering wildly at the thought of dismembering a member of Crook Ramblers.
I took the dogs.
It were grand. No really bad axemen, just a bit of too much mud (currently frozen hard), one place to watch that doesnt get overgrown again like wot ot did last year, and a duff stile.
I like to return from this little 5 mile daunder and drink hot chocolate and eat toast in front of a roaring telly.
I'll be doing this walk again in July.

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