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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Murton fell and High Cup Nick

Me and superdawg met Mike from Go4awalk at Dufton and we had this little 11 mile trundle up onto the North pennine scarp, including a short but exciting scramble up a limestone prow, during which Bruno tried to enforce his share of my will and life insurance policy by trying to knock me off my feet.
We lunched on an edge overlooking Eden and then on to the moors of Murton fell - 675 metres.
There seems to be a new(?) bridleway hereabouts, not marked on the map, but with waymarker posts....
We finished off by returning in growing gloom via High Cup Nick where we pontificated on the geology of it all and who's fault it was (see the geology joke there....?)
Returned to Co Durham very noisily and slowly up the A66 due to the fact that my exhaust pipe appears to have become a bit dislocated. I expect that several quids will solve the problem tommorrow morning.
The new flask is fab - thanks Rachel


Martin Rye said...

That dog must be super fit with all them walks and hills. Love the Pennines. High Cup Nick was a highlight on the Pennine Way. Some view indeed.

mike knipe said...

Don't tell the dog, but I'm off for a walk up Mickle Fell and other parts of the Warcop artillery range tommorrow - and he's not coming. Although, with his superpowers, he may already know. He's looking at me a bit funny just now, in fact...