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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

A little wild camp

Just got back from a really loverly wild camp at Blakethwaite Bottom in the middle(ish) of the Howgills. Its a cracking place for the camping - vast areas of green sward available and a nice view to boot.

I met R Kidd at Cautley and he walked with me from Tebay over Uldale Head and then continued on his way back to Cautley. We did try to launch the helicopter he got for Christmas, but it wouldnt play and had to remain ground-bound
The sun streaming into the tent sheltered me from the nithering northerly blowing up me flysheet and so, instead of exploring The Calf and Simons Seat , as planned, I dozed off in the sun..
Had a quiet, but breezy night with me cheap scotch, a Bill Bryson Book and an MP3 player, only interrupted by a bladder emergency at 3:30 am. Finally came out of the coma at 8:30 this morning and wandered off over Rispa Pike for an eight item all day breakfast at Tebay services.
So, a record 19 hours of not moving very much, other than to eat, drink, pee, or change the page.... There were vague indications of the proximity of the M6 and West Coast main line and Warcop artillery range....

And my LEDs-in-a-bag lighting system worked fabby whizzily more of which, possibly, in another post)


Admin Fairy said...

I think the horse is a little annoyed having his picture taken! He does look like he's going to bite that strange bloke who's taking an extreme close up.

mike knipe said...

Actually he's saying that it would be better on "landscape" rather than "portrait". there you are, a tip straight from the horse's mouth.

Maybe we should have a caption competition.....