Monday, 1 July 2019

Guided Walks!


Me and Lucky the Dog have been leading some guided walks: In reverse order (I meantersay, why stick with tradition and do first things first?) these were Alston Moor and Ash Gill from Nenthead. This was nine and a half miles for Wolsingham Wayfarers on Sunday. Me and LTD did the reccy on Friday in quite warm and sunny weather. I suspect that this day may have been the summer of 2019....

I have a feeling that I may have been sacked from Wolsingham Wayfarers, though since they published a programme for the summer, but didn't ask me to do anywalks so , after this one, I have no further walks for this group. It might be that I hinted that some (but not all) Crook and Weardale Ramblers walks coincided with Wolsingham Wayfarers walks on some (but not all) last Sundays in the month. Whatever it is, that's it for Wolsingham Wayfarers, I think. Only five people turned up anyway and three of those had been on the other two walks (!)

The walk before this one was the Wednesday and Saturday Walking Group (Wednesday Walkers Walking on Saturdays) was on the This was Buckden Pike and me and LYD and Li Yang had done the reccy way back in late spring.

There were nine of us on this one, heading off into the murk on Wednesday (yes, it was Wednesday, I think) up and up into the clouds which eventually cleared just after lunch. This one was eleven of your Earth miles and all the effort was expended in the first two miles of upness. According to my superbly accurate walking log, this was my 26th time up Buckden Pike.

Jinkies were had afterwards at the Buck Inn which has recently been done up and which lets dogs in and seems very friendly.
And then - somewhat previously by a few days was the Crook and Weardale Ramblers toddle to Ravenseat farm from Tan Hill Inn and back again on the Pennine Way.

Ravenseat Farm is on the Coast to Coast route and has appeared several times on the tellybox, being the home of the Yorkshire Shepherdess and where you can get a cuppa and a nice scone which is just the thing if you've just walked over the moor from Kirkby Stephen. or even from Tan Hill, which is somewhat less strenuous.

I suspect we may have been undercharged for our refreshments, though, and I think we owe them about ten quid, which I've resolved to drop in next time.

The walk was ten miles and fifteen people turned up and had jinkies in the Tan Hill Inn.

 So, that's a week of walking, 315 man miles, 30+ dog miles (not accurately measured). Man miles includes me, but excludes the reccies.

There'll be a not-so-subtle change to the style of guided walks quite soon as Crook and Weardale Ramblers launches into an initiative to help participants of Health Walks to walk just a bit further, and be able to join short walks provided by the Ramblers and by other local groups (they know who they are!). It's a bit of a ramble into the dark, but , starting next week, I'll be visiting four Health Walks groups this next week and, subsequently, we'll provide a short programme of short walks in July and early August, which could be extendable if there's a demand.
Next up, though is the Crook and Weardale Ramblers bus trip to Grassington. Didn't we have a loverly time the day we went to Girston...

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