Thursday, 29 November 2018

Meeting With The X1 Darlington to Tow Law

wswg hasty bank 003 
Apologies for the slight hiatus in blog posts here – I have done two walks (or possibly more) but blogging has been temporarily interrupted by the random meeting between the knipemobile and the Arriva X1 Regular Bus service  between Darlington and Tow Law. This has distracted me somewhat – partially by worrying a bit by the proximity to your’s truly’s more handsome features and the front of the bus. And also the severalteen regular phone calls I’m getting, all of which need to know my postcode and date of birth and, for an individual with two official dates of birth (my Dad (bless ‘im) was a bit dateless at the registrar’s office in Burnley way back in 1951), I have to be a bit careful to be consistent, otherwise they think it’s not me but some fraudster who just needs a new door for a Nissan Note. All the phone calls are really essential;, apparently…
Anyway, I did two guided walks at the weekend – Clay Bank to Lordstones and back for the Wednesday Walkers Walking on Saturdays group ( 14 peeps and 2 dogs) and the Teesdale 12 Lovely Waterfalls Walk (Only 3 plus LTD)  Nobody came close to dying. Here’s some pictures:
By the way, the bus company have provided a car – when I say car, I mean a huuuuge people carrier and by “people” I meantersay, I’m not allowed to smoke in it or take a pet. As LTD doesn’t smoke, I wonder…. 
And this little contre-temps has buggerred up me and Dawn’s plans for a Lake District camp and my trip to Kendal next week which might go ahead but exclude Lucky. He’ll be disappointed cos I said he could drive as far as the motorway at Tebay…..
wswg hasty bank 005wswg hasty bank 007wswg hasty bank 008wswg hasty bank 013wswg hasty bank 015
 teesdale waterfalls wwf 002teesdale waterfalls wwf 003teesdale waterfalls wwf 004teesdale waterfalls wwf 008teesdale waterfalls wwf 010


Donald Sinclair said...

Hi Mike, long term lurker, first time poster. Would you know the history and or whereabouts of the old house in your pictures?

Mike Knipe said...

Yes Donald, it's a derelict cottage called East Moor Riggs. The grid reference is NY881292 and it can be reached only by walking either from the no-through road to Scar End from a junction with the B6277 1.3 km West of Bowlees or along the byway from Middle Moor Riggs farm , a kilometre to the West - you may be able to park a car on the lane there. Hope this helps

Quinn said...

Glad the door was the only casualty!

Donald Sinclair said...

Thanks Mike for getting back to me.