Thursday, 9 August 2018

Accessibility Guide to UK’s National Parks

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NRS Healthcare is a company supplying mobility and daily living aids and they’ve produced a PDF which has information  about access to activities in each of the UK’s 15 national Parks about
We (that’s me and the dog by the way) think this is a top-hole idea and I’ve supplied a link to the PDF at the end of this blog post.
Hopefully, this is just the very first public version of this useful information. I say this  because we don’t seem to be doing very well in providing access to activities and each of the fifteen National Parks only lists a couple of Things To Do (if that’s the correct term..)
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Clearly, the function of a National Park is principally as a planning body and most “activities” will necessarily be provided by commercial providers, or by organisations such as the Forestry Commission or utilities companies.
When I say that the National Parks don't seem to be doing very well,  the Lake District, for instance manages only one location, but adds that they also provide 48 miles of footpaths without stiles. Others just have a couple each. Dartmoor does better with a bunch (mathematical term which is higher than a few but less than a lot)
We at the Pieblog (me and the dog, remember…) applaud the publication of the guide and hope that it will be helpful. We (specially the dog) hope that , somehow, National Parks and the businesses embedded there will be encouraged to develop more “stuff” and that there’ll be updates showing increases in the number of entries.
The PDF “Accessibility Guide to the UK’s National Parks can be …er…. accessed by clicking here

Speaking of disability and, in particular, mental illness; following one of my regular visits to St Cuthbert, on the occasion of buying more gas for an up-coming backpacking trip, I am minded (see what I did there?) to relaunch my fundraising efforts for MIND. I am currently thinking about this with my mind. I have asked the dog to come up with ideas and all he can say is something incomprehensible about a pussy cat being seen at the bottom of our garden.
So, readers…  if you have any brill ideas , I’d be very pleased to hear them. The basic philosophy or strategy is to do things where those giving up their hard-earned spondoolies actually get something out of it. This means that there will be NO sponsored events, cos that would just be me getting money for stuff I’d be doing anyway. And I hate collecting the money too, so…
Pic below shows Cafe Akto in operation in Glen Mazeran durung a TGO challenge. This raised lots of cash and was quite good fun too. And peeps got beer, bacon butties, tea, coffee, chocolate cake….


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