Saturday, 10 March 2018

Teesdale Waterfalls



I had it on my List Of Things To Do to reccy a walk for Wolsingham Wayfarers up Teesdale. In my mind (what’s left of it) I had the words “Teesdale” and “Waterfalls”. So that’s what I did.

Me and LTD waited for a bit for the worst of the snowdrifts to clear and off we went armed with only an OS map and a cheese salad sandwich (and a banana, coffee, protein bomb things and some 85% Free-trade chocolate)



We did this walk and managed to link up seven lovely waterfalls in Teesdale AND, not only did we manage that, but we did it in the apportioned Nine of the Queen’s statute miles. We returned to Pietowers in smug mode and celebrated with some Californian merlot on Friday night. (Friday night is merlot night at Pietowers) (It doesn’t have to be merlot, actually, almost anything will do.)



Just now, I looked at the programme and it said there was a walk on Sunday 25 March 2018, 9 miles (so far so good) Teesdale Waterfalls (Yes, yes, still good) and Cronkley Fell. What? Cronkley Fell. We did not venture up Cronkley Fell.

Still, what could possibly go wrong? I’ve been up Cronkley Fell loads of times and I don’t think I’ve got the time to do another reccy.

On the upside, the walk we did was really very nice and I diswcovered a few places I’d not visited before and it was all rather lovely.


There was still a fair amount of snow left – some of it very deep indeed, and there’d been a few small avalanches in some places.

There are indications that the Beast From The East might well return for a short spell in about a week, so, maybe, by the 25th of March, there’ll be new old thawing snowdrifts to cheer the place up and beef up the water levels in the falls.

To see Wolsingham Wayfarers programme visit wolsingham wayfarers guided walks (click the linkm innit) The walks are excellent and free and if your dog is well behaved (like wot LTD is), he/she can come too.



Meanqueen said...

That's a spectacular snowdrift. I'll have a look at your walks and see if there's anything I can join in with. Might have a trip up there.

Dawn said...

Looks quite splendid, brilliant photos too.

Mike Knipe said...

Meaanqueen - You'd be very welcome too ... and they're all free! Can't guarantee the snowdrifts, though, it's quite warm today, so I expect they're disappearing quite fast.
Dawn - Tar - How about a trip to Malvern? (I have some semi-skimmed milk and multiple breakfasts)

Sir Hugh said...

"Almost anything will do..." I remember a long long time ago when we were impoverished going round the corner to the grocer's shop with our own bottle and having it filled from a dubious cask with British sherry - It's a wonder I'm still here.

John J said...

Nice, very very nice. I could do with some snow but it's not going happen here.
Looking forward to reading about you Malverns adventures. It was snowing there the last time I went a couple or three months ago.