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Monday, 3 April 2017

Efelent Trees with Dawn and LTD

elephant trees 009

On the occasion of me and Mrs Pieman’s 40th wedding anniversary (and they said it wouldn’t last) (they said the same thing about World War 2), we had a bit of a do at Crook Cricket Club, featuring the rather superb ceilidh band “Maximum Pastry”. We also had some pastry and a fair amount of beer and whisky. All the top people attended, including Dawn, JJ and Chrissie and Geoff as well as huge numbers of the Knipe clan and a coterie of South West Durham locals.

elephant trees 002

Then , in the morning, we used up an entire half a day having an “all day breakfast” – so-called because the calories produced by the feast lasted all day, despite the efforts of walking 11 miles with some uphill contours included just for fun.

elephant trees 004

Me and Dawn and LTD set out from Wolsingham railway station at half-past noon (at least) and wandered up through the meadows and pastures to the Famiss Efelent Trees – which loom largely, and have done so for many years, above Frosterley. Of course, the Elephant Trees have featured regularly in this blog, because they’re only a few miles from knipetowers and Weardalers are remarkably fond of them despite the fact that they’re a bit scraggy and weather-beaten and no-longer look like a herd of elephants from the Dale below.

elephant trees 006

We did a little plod of about 11 miles (did I mention this before?) involving Fine Gill  and Bollihope, including the Cowboy Pass, Harehope Quarry where the Frosterley Marble features in Durham cathedral probably came from, and riverside paths back to the train station. We were all, frankly, knackered. LTD is, in fact, still asleep and only wakes briefley to stuff his face with chewsticks, the wrapping paper off the butter, and, of course, his breakfast of meat and kibble and his tea, of the same stuff. He’s a right lazy git, is LTD…

elephant trees 012

Nice weekend, and Dawn managed to survive the rumbustuous, noisy and chaotic Knipes and all their children and dogs, some visiting and some temporarily resident. There’s still a fair amount of rubble.



John J said...

It was a good do, thanks to you & Mrs Pie for your kind invitation.....and to Dawn for putting up with my incessant blethering and not telling me to shut up. Not once.
Lovely to meet Chrissie & Geoff too. They didn't tell me to shut up either. Obviously well brought up, the lot of them.
You and Margaret have a lovely family, it was a pleasure to meet them!

We had a great time :-)

Dawn Linney said...

Yes indeed, there was much fine music and jollity. Sunday's breakfast was huge. My packed lunch was not eaten until Monday. A lovely walk and a fine weekend.

Quinn said...

That sounds like a perfect time - congratulations to Mr and Mrs Pieman and may the next 40 be even more filled with pies and such.