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Friday, 8 January 2016

No More Shivery-Dog

Lucky's slightly big jacket

Me and LTD were just about to set off to Trimdon to bag two of my remaining unbagged County Durham Tumps when the postman arrived bearing gifts.

The delivery today was Lucky’s new toasty warm jacket – a Hurtta Outdoor Ultimate Warmer jacket (which cost me many, many spondoolies by the way) – so we determined to give it a test.

The knipemobile thermometer was reading 3C during our journey across County Durham, and this was , it has to be said, a bit on the warm side for this jacket. But the test was passed:

Can the dog walk normally and leap dogfully over stiles etc whilst wearing the jacket?   (Yes)

Can the dog cock his leg every five bloody minutes? (Yes)

Can the dog do a lovely poo without anything horrible happe3ning to the back of the jacket? (Yes)

Does the dog like putting it on? (Not really)

It covers a lot of dog, is reputed to be waterproof and has a thermal lining, so, I expect that it will be fabby-whizz in the cold and windy snows of the North Pennines, Lake District and Northumberland. Lucky ought to remain toasty as I sit behind some drystone wall scoffing my egg and tomato butty. No more shivering for LTD.

Did we bag the two Tumps? (Catley Hill and Raisby Hill) (Yes)

The coat and the dog might well get a snowy test tomorrow becasue I have a reccy to do Right Up Weardale. I mean Right Up. Right, right up….

Only the one picture today as Aunty May’s camera has stopped working. (I now have three dead cameras)


Dawn Linney said...

What a bonny lad, actually that coat reminds of the upmarket horse blankets they put on pedigree horses, very classy!

christine hindle said...

Pure class - all the best dogs wear Hurtta.

tootlepedal said...

Smart jacket indeed.