Sunday, 2 August 2015

Lucky’s First Year

lucky at goldsboro

Lucky arrived at Pietowers on 2 August 2014 as a replacement to poor old Bruno the Superdawg who had died at the end of May.

So, it’s now his official second birthday too – him arriving, as it were on his first birthday and so I just thought it would be interesting to review his first year and to see what he’s making of his new life here in the Centre of Pies….

Soooo…. mainly pics of some doggy landmarks for this great little pooch wot has really settled in to life at Knipetowers and the constant obsession with tasty pork-based products and Kylie’s bra…


Sometime during Lucky’s first hour at Pietowers


At the end if a hard first day. The wabbit failed to thrive, incidentally. Spontaneously fell to bits, apparently – according to the dog.


Advent in Lucky’s hideyhole. The duck failed to survive…….. Note extensive toy box..


Lucky’s first wild camp at Eskdale


Lucky forms a positive view about life inside an akto

luckys jimjams 005

…may be having a little sulk about his new winter camping jim-jams


On hols near Aberystwyth

wols wayfarers elephant trees 008

Christmas walk with Wolsingham Wayfarers (note festive angel wings)

snowdog 011

Enjoying some fluffy North Pennine snow

hcn reccy 011

Routine stuff for LTD


Camp above Grasmere – Coast to Coast walk


Chillin in the akto at Angle Tarn


… suddenly realises that life’s not so bad, really…


Snuggling down in the Vaude


Thats all folks – here’s looking forward to an even better Year 2..


One Girl and her Dog said...

He's so gawjus Mike. Hope he has many new adventures this year.

Best wishes - Paula :)

Quinn said...

Lucky has really come (and gone) a long way in only one year! Wishing you both a brilliant Year 2.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, Mike. He is a lucky dog.

Tommy said...

It's a dog's life.

Anonymous said...

It's a dog's life as they say.

Dawn said...

Brilliant Mike, he is one fantastic dog who had the luck to end up in a fantastic home.

Unknown said...

I bet he's sooooo glad he chose you as his Human.
Don't think he was too happy that morning out camping at Kirkcarrion though, when Tilly stole his breakfast.....
Funnily enough, she stole Reuben's breakfast a few days back, too.....

Andrew said...

He's done really well, and he's already got more "ticks" on Hill Bagging in one year than me and Little Brenda have over a number of years!

Meanqueen said...

You've got a smashing dog there, Lucky is so Lucky. I love seeing pictures of him.

Unknown said...

Fantastic! I hope i'll be able to take my dog on walks like this!