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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Fremington Edge

fremington reccy 005

Here’s some pictures from the Wednesday Walkers Walk on Wednesday AND the Fremington Edge reccy wot me and Lucky did several days before. Seven people and an extra dog (Bailey) attended the walk on Wednesday and it all went swimmingly, including a repetition of the same navigation error – the second time caused by a phone conversation with Fight Club Hiker Masey and the first time caused by a bit of a reverie on the part of yours truly and the only specially remarkable happenings being the cheekiness of the local waskally wabbits and the fact that Lucky seems to have remembered the route.

Hennyway – here’s the pics and there’s a map at the end too at no extra charge.

fremington reccy 003

Calver Hill from the road up to Fremington Edge

fremington reccy 013

Lush summer stuff

Lucky spots a cheeky waskally wabbit

Cheeky wabbit trying to kweep up on Lucky. The waskally wabbit…

fremington reccy 018

Reeth’s “Swing Bridge” doesn’t swing. Lucky doesn’t care, though, he just wants to get off.

fremington edge 001

Wednesday walkers just finishing the hard bit

fremington edge 002

Well-built cairn overlooking Arkengarthdale

fremington edge 003

Wednesday walkers overlooking Arkengarthdale

fremington edge 005

Lunch in a flowery bit. Lucky is hoping for a cake donation from Eric

fremington edge 007

In the meadows (about to be cut, apparently)

fremington edge



Louise said...

Arkengarthdale. Another great place name.

Dawn Linney said...

That looks a nice walk Mike.

christine hindle said...

Such wonderful childhood memories of Swaledale....