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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Buffs And Stuff–Lucky’s Dog Buff from Kitshack

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I really ought to apologise for the left-handed post title here… but I won’t
A while ago, partly via a third party (known to many people as JJ, veteran folk musician, hillwalker and writer of adventures with jj blog, I was contacted by Anth of Kitshack to see if I would be interested in reviewing a dog buff. I wouldn’t, obviously, but Lucky jumped at the chance, then rolled over and then asked for a chewstick.
So, we agreed and a couple of days later a small package arrived with Lucky’s new dog buff in it. Yes folks, it’s a buff for dogs.
This one is bright yellow and matches his bright yellow liver Dog’s Trust yellow liveried dog collar and lead, although his Ruffwear harness is red and his Ruffwear panniers are blue.
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There’s two sizes available – small and, presumably “standard” or “ordinary” and they come in and a quick shufty at the Kitshack website will reveal the range of colours and patterns available too.
What’s it like? It’s a Buff. Buff’s are simple loops of material and this one is just like a Buff for peeps, only smaller and it has a couple of reflective strips and other than this, it seems to me to be the same as other Buffs.  In fact, Lucky first wore it on our recent trip to Loch Tay and Glen Lyon and one day was so sweaty that I had to pinch Lucky’s Buff to wear as a personal headband to stop the sweat dripping in my eyes off my forehead, (I was daft enough not to attend this trip fully equipped with my own Buff – I have four available as it happens)
What does Lucky make of it? He hated it for the first few minutes then forgot all about it. He hates anything new, though and always thinks the worst until an alternative view is proven. He’s a bit of a git like that, really.
He’s now had it on for three weeks and it does look a bit grubby and so, it’s probably time to give it a wash. According to the blurb on the website, it can just, simply, be washed. No faffing with special washing machine settings. I could probably squeeze it through in a beck on a wild camp, along with a pair of socks and some shreddies.
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What’s the point of a doggy Buff?  I’m not sure. It looks quite pretty and makes it appear that I’m quite fond of him (I am quite fond of him as it happens cos he’s such a star) It may be that in a bit of wild weather on a hill, that the pooch will appreciate the Buff being pulled over his ears. He won’t stand for it now, being suspicious that you’re “up to something” but, when the hail is pelting down, maybe…
I got a “standard” one because Lucky is 15kg and really isn’t “small” – but it’s slightly too big. I can fix this by putting folding half an inch over and sewing it up – if I could sew, that is, but I’m a bit ham-fisted with yer cotton and needle. I might ask Mrs Pieman to do it. If I feed her some chocolate, she might well agree.  Sizing may be the only negative thing I can think of – there’s just two sizes and, according to Crook Dog Club, dogs are all different sizes, so at least another size would be helpful – maybe a “medium”?  And they’re all £8.50
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Have a look at the Kitshack website cos it’s full of all kinds of Buffs. The doggy ones are £8.50. They sent me a spare – its a blue one with little doggy toys on it and I have it to use to raise money for the Mind money-raising campaign. I haven’t worked out how to do this yet, though.
Kitshack’s website with the doggy Buffs is Here  - but if you just want to look at a cornucopia of Buffs of all kinds - and other gear then look here


Trevor Woodford said...

.....and very smart he looks in it too...:-)

christine hindle said...

What a handsome lad! Pebbles is quite stricken....

Dawn Linney said...

He looks a bonny lad.