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Monday, 27 April 2015

Lucky’s Progress


Matt sent me a few pics taken on recent unblogged events at Goldsboro (abseiling) and a short and quite wet, in a watery, damp kind of way, camp at Stonethwaite and, as I know that a few Pieblog readers enjoy the odd cute pup pic, I thought I’d reproduce them here. Just cos, really….

As for his progress – he’s a cheeky little bugger and gets more and more playful as he gets confidence. He’s no longer scared of brushes, tins of beans, red peppers, paper bags or crisp packets.

some  crook dog club ramblers

And he specially enjoys Crook Dog Club where he gets to sit, down, wait, WAIT, I SAID WAIT accompanied by bits of cheese, sausage, dried fish,dried liver… you get the idea…  I’m really pleased with his training and he does some things really well – he likes the tunnels but he does anticipate quite a lot of instructions and does whatever it is he’s going to be asked to do, just before I tell him to do it. And he’s very enthusiastic about it all.

But his bestest thing is snoozing. After brekkies, given that nothing else is on the agenda, he retires back to bed, and on sunny days, this means the fleece in the bedroom window which floods with hot sunshine in the mornings.


When camping, his bestest thing is to snooze in a tent. At Stonethwaite, he entered the tent as soon as it was ready, lay on his bed, was covered in an old woolly comforter and remained there all night whilst others enjoyed a relaxing booze-up under a drippy basha.

Quite soon, he’ll be embarking on his first multi-day walkies – the English (Wainwright version) Coast to Coast. We have the kit ready. We have the logistics sorted out (sort of, anyway). We may or may not be sufficiently fit and motivated.

In the meantime, and at the moment, he’s in his usual position in his bed, having a little doggy dream. Like wot they do.




Louise said...

A fab Lucky Pup then, such a cutie.

christine hindle said...


Stonethwaite? That's where we were flooded out!

Jen said...

What about green peppers, or tins of peas?

Dawn Linney said...

He is doing well indeed. You will be starting a Lucky fan club soon!!

Meanqueen said...

That first photo is wonderful, you should frame it. I love your Lucky stories.