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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Baldersdale- Durham County Council Guided Walk - Walkers’ Pictures

come back, you don;t know the way...!

I thought I’d do something different for this blogpost. Readers might remember, from the previous post, that my attempt to reccy a guided walk in Baldersdale went awry and me and the Pooch were beaten back by the elements in the form of fierce blizzards.  But yesterday, as the snow began to thaw,  24 people turned up, plus a collie dog and including stewards Maria, Neville and Jane. The walk was tough going due to deep and soft snow which often hid deep holes and soggy, not to say, downright wet bits. There were many tumbles, plunges and slides.

crossing race yate

But I won’t go into any more detail, but instead, I will present, for your delectation and delight, some of  the photographs sent to me since yesterday by people on the walk… and a few of mine, too. They won’t necessarily be in any order and the only thing I’ve done to some of them is to resize them to the usual blogsize format and to add a caption which you can see if you hover a mouse over the picture. No other rodents will work, by the way. Just sayin….

All the pictures remain the copyright of whoever took them!

The walk was about eleven miles by the way, and a map appears at the end of this post.

race yate

pennine way race yate

coffee time

after lunch descending to hury reservoir


heading south on the pennine way

stewards stewarding a stile

looks a bit lost...

last leg by hury reservoir

towards clove lodge

And finally, for Judith, who bunged some of her hard-earned spondoolies into the virgin money-giving account, a picture of a cute dog, sunbathing in the window of the South bastion at Pietowers as I struggle on through deep snow in horrendous weather (see pics above). Thanks Judith. I’m about to make a small addition myself from the contents of the Pietowers guardroom swearbox. If anybody else feels like topping up their karma, click on the Mind logo at the bottom of this post…

baldersdale reccy 001


race yate

It’s 11 miles by the way.




Bangkok.Ian said...

Good to see a pair of Dachstein mitts still being used. I have just come across an old pair of mine and was wondering if they are still worn on the hills. I'll wear mine again now, they really were toasty.

Dawn Linney said...

Looks fantastic Mike, cracking photos and it looks as if you some decent weather too.

AlanR said...

I can tell they are not your pics Mike because they are really good. Ha.
Splendid day out.
I must have had my eyes shut when i did the Pennine Way, i cannot remember passing through here. It was quite a while ago all the same.

christine hindle said...

Yeah! I've done that walk!

Mike Knipe said...

Ian - Ah yes, the dachsteins - had 'em for years but only just dug them out this winter. They are toasty, even when wet. Ideal for yer North Pennines. I'm fed up with "waterproof" gloves I can't get back on when they become soaked.
Dawn - Lovely day, so it was..
Alan - That bit of the PW is often better in winter. I'm not surprised you can't remember it!
Chrissie - I'm not surprised at that either!

Meanqueen said...

I'm amazed that you have so much snow. Nice photo's.

aroundthehills said...

I think there should be a thought bubble on that photo of Lucky. "What? Go out for a walk, with the snow up to my doo-dahs? Nah, I'll read about it on the blog later."