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Saturday, 27 September 2014

A Durham County Council Guided Walk and Reccy in Baldersdale

I’ll mainly let the pictures do the talking. We’ve done this walk before and, I daresay, we’ll do it again (probably next March…)
Me, Matt and Lucky and Mollie did the reccy about a week before the walk – which was on Wednesday.
It was damp and foggy and just the kind of day you often get in November.
We diverted from the route to have a look at Goldsborough.
approaching race yate
And then, on the day, 25 people turned up for the walk, including stewards Eric, Maria and Clare (no compulsory Dave this time…) and it was loverly and sunny and we stuck to the route.
Since they weren’t shooting on the Battle Hill ranges, we got into the ruins at West Loups’s (correct number of S’s here!) where we could get out of the nithering nature of the breeze and sit in the sun.
The route goes from Balderhead Reservour to Blackton Grange, Clove Lodge, South on the Pennine Way, East to Battle Hill ranges, Northish on the Bowes Loop to West Loups’s and then down to the reservoirs to follow the shorelines back to the start.
The walk is just a bit over 11 miles – me and Matt, Mollie and Lucky did 12.
rocks at Goldsborough
Matt and Mollie at Goldsborough
bovine luggoils
Nosey Cow
goldsborough from pennine way
Goldsborough from the PW path to Race Yate
rock art
Cup and Ring marked rocks near West Loups’s
west loups's
Heading for lunch at West Loups’s
goldsborough from west loups's
Goldsborough from West Loups’s
Top end of Blackton Reservoir
race yate

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Dawn Linney said...

Looks a cracking walk