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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Bruno’s Bucket List – Footballs at the Seaside


For those people with an aversion to pictures of a dog running about with a football in it’s mouth, look away now. I’ll say when it’s safe to look.

Me and the Dawg met Mick and his three dawgs at Druridge Bay since me and Mick had a small bit of business to transact and it was time for the first item on Bruno’s bucket list, so we wuz multi-tasking , innit?

One of Bruno’s passions is to destroy footballs on a beach – actually, it doesn’t necessarily have to be on a beach, but it’s better if it is….


And so, I came equipped with a cheapo football, RRP £3:00 from the Factory shop in Crook and as soon as we hit the sand, I kicked it and Bruno punctured it. He carried it for a mile or so and as Mick had also brought a football there was occasionally a bit of confusion as to which ball superdawg wanted.



All the dogs had a good old run about and there were multiple friendly meetings with lots of other dogs.


After a bit of a rest, during which football #1 (the one with the puncture) disappeared somewhere, Mick had to set off back home but we got instructions for further jollies including the possibility of ice cream at the village at the far end of the beach. So Bruno carried Mick’s football from here all the way back to the car.


Unfortunately, we didn’t quite make that, partly due to running out of time (its a huge beach and I had a chicken to cook) and partly because superdawg was, frankly, knackered from all the charging about.


And so we made our way back along the road and along a coastal path, returning to the fun of the beach as Bruno recovered from the knackerdness. I did six miles. Bruno did about forty, and I exaggerate only a bit…   The other three dogs’ total was probably substantially higher.


Druridge Bay is a superb place for this sort of thing and the day was sunny and warm and just what you might hope for in a bucket list day. For those not familiar with it (you poor, benighted souls..)  it’s a  beautiful seven-mile horseshoe of perfect flat sand on the Northumberland coast quite near Amble  More info here


We’re off to see the vet in the morning.  Bugger. Fingers crossed.


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Dawn said...

Nice one Mike. Glad to hear there has been good news in regard to the PSD

Reifyn said...

+I like the one with Bruno with his tail up and the football in his mouth. He seems happy to run about on that beach. I haven't seen Northumberland in a very long while and I've never been on that beach. One day I hope to return and visit. The last pic looks like a load giant stone or cement dice, tossed there by giants gambling. I'd like to paint numbers or pips on each of those cubes, as the original ones seem to have worn off over time.

Mike Knipe said...

Its been bought , Dawn - bit more than seventy squids after the tax man has also donated!
Reifyn - Bruno was happy with his day, but a bit fragged at the end. The concrete dice are the WW2 anti-tank defences - if they'd painted them as dice, it could have been a puzzle for the panzers.. Bit of a local problem with barbed wire and bits of sharp iron etc appearing out of the sand dunes, apparently